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dns-ethers(1)		    General Commands Manual		 dns-ethers(1)

       dns-ethers - generate /etc/ethers entries from DNS tables

       dns-ethers [ option...  ][ infile [ outfile ]]
       dns-ethers -Help
       dns-ethers -VERSion

       The dns-ethers program is used to generate the /etc/ethers entries from
       DNS tables.

       If the input file is not	named, or the name '-' is used,	 the  standard
       input is	read.

       If the output file is not named,	or the name '-'	is used, the startdard
       output is written.

       A fake DNS type of ``ether'' is used, instead of	the usual ``in'' type,
       to enable the use of the	``a'' to store the addresses.

       The following options are understood:

	       This  option  may be used to see	what dns-ethers	deciphers each
	       resource	record as.

	       This option may be used to get more information	about  how  to
	       used th dns-ethers program.

	       This  option  may be used to see	what version of	the dns-ethers
	       program is running.

	       This option may be used to set  the  search  path  for  include

       The  idea  is that you have all of the information concerning each com-
       puter in	the one	file.  This makes it less likely that  something  will
       be omitted, and simpler to change if the	name or	IP address changes.

       Given  a	 database  file	 called	``''	and which contains the
       following text
       You can generate	the /etc/ethers	file using the following command
	      %	dns-ethers /etc/ethers
       Here is what you	would see as the output
       Note that the output uses relative names.

       All of this can be automated using the following	makefile fragment:
		      dns-ethers $@
       By doing	this, all you need to do is edit the file, and the
       use the make(1) command to bring	everything up-to-date.

       If  you were using NIS, NIS+ or LDAP you	would update them, rather than
       the static file.

Reference Manual		    dnsutl			 dns-ethers(1)


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