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dns-boot-check(1)	    General Commands Manual	     dns-boot-check(1)

       dns-boot-check -	check /etc/named.boot file

       dns-boot-check [	option...  ] filename
       dns-boot-check -Help
       dns-boot-check -VERSion

       The  dns-boot-check program is used to check the	named(8) configuration
       file for	correctness.  It checks	for things like	the forwards and back-
       wards  mappings	exactly	corresponding, and for the name	server records
       all having address records.

       The filename on the command line	is the file to	be  checked.   It  de-
       faults to /etc/named.boot if not	specified.

       Suggestions  for	additional checks that dns-boot-check(1) could perform
       are most	welcome.

       The following options are understood:

	       Provide some help with using the	dns-boot-check program.

	       This option may be used to specify a directory  to  search  for
	       include	files.	It may be used more than once, the directories
	       will be searched	in the order given.

	       Print the version of the	dns-boot-check program being executed.

       All other options will produce a	diagnostic error.

       To check	your named(8) configuration, you need only say
       and the file named(8) configuration file	will be	read, and also all  of
       the  files it refers to.	 Various cross checks will be made between the
       files, too.

       If you want to check a named(8) configuration, but  without  installing
       it first	(which can be important	if you need to guarantee continuity of
       service)	put you	new configuration files	together in a temporary	direc-
       tory, with relative paths.
	      dns-boot-check -I. etc/named.boot
       This  will  access all of the files as if they were below "." (the cur-
       rent directory) rather than absolute.  This can simplify	 configuration
       management issues, too.

       Suggestions  for	additional checks that dns-boot-check(1) could perform
       are most	welcome.



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