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DNIE-TOOL(1)			 OpenSC	Tools			  DNIE-TOOL(1)

       dnie-tool - displays information	about DNIe based security tokens

       dnie-tool [OPTIONS]

       The dnie-tool utility is	used to	display	additional information about
       DNIe, the Spanish National eID card.

       --idesp,	-i
	   Show	the DNIe IDESP value.

       --data, -d
	   Show	DNIe personal information. Reads and print DNIe	number and
	   User	Name and SurName

       --all, -a
	   Displays every available information. This command is equivalent to
	   -d -i -V -s

       --serial, -s
	   Displays DNIe Serial	Number

       --version, -V
	   Show	DNIe sw	version. Displays software version for in-card DNIe OS

       --pin pin, -p pin
	   Specify the user pin	pin to use. If set to env:VARIABLE, the	value
	   of the environment variable VARIABLE	is used. The default is	do not
	   enter pin

       --reader	arg, -r	arg
	   Number of the reader	to use.	By default, the	first reader with a
	   present card	is used. If arg	is an ATR, the reader with a matching
	   card	will be	chosen.

       --driver	driver,	-c driver
	   Specify the card driver driver to use. Default is use driver	from
	   configuration file, or auto-detect if absent

       --wait, -w
	   Causes dnie-tool to wait for	the token to be	inserted into reader.

       --verbose, -v
	   Causes dnie-tool to be more verbose.	Specify	this flag several
	   times to enable debug output	in the opensc library.

       dnie-tool was written by	Juan Antonio Martinez <>.

opensc				  08/27/2020			  DNIE-TOOL(1)


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