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DJVUTXT(1)			 DjVuLibre-3.5			    DJVUTXT(1)

       djvutxt - Extract the hidden text from DjVu documents.

       djvutxt [options] inputdjvufile [outputtxtfile]

       Program djvutxt decodes the hidden text layer of	a DjVu document	input-
       djvufile	and prints it into file	outputtxtfile or on the	standard  out-
       put.   The  hidden  text	layer is usually generated with	the help of an
       optical character recognition software.

       Without options -detail and -escape, this program  simply  outputs  the
       UTF-8  text.  Option -detail cause the output of	S-expressions describ-
       ing the text and	its location.  Option -escape uses C-style escape  se-
       quences to represent nonprintable non-ASCII characters.

	      Specify  which  pages  should be processed.  When	this option is
	      not specified, the text of all pages of the  documents  is  con-
	      catenated	into the output	file.  The page	specification pagespec
	      contains one or more comma-separated page	ranges.	 A page	 range
	      is  either  a  page  number,  or two page	numbers	separated by a
	      dash.  For instance, specification 1-10 outputs pages 1  to  10,
	      and specification	1,3,99999-4 outputs pages 1 and	3, followed by
	      all the document pages in	reverse	order up to page 4.

	      This options causes djvutxt to output  S-expressions  specifying
	      the  position  of	 the  text  in	the page.  See the manual page
	      djvused(1) for a description of  the  output  format.   Argument
	      keyword specifies	the maximum level of detail for	which text lo-
	      cation is	reported.  The recognized values  are:	page,  column,
	      region, para, line, word,	and char.  All other values are	inter-
	      preted as	char.

	      Output escape sequences of the form  "ooo" for all non ASCII  or
	      non printable UTF-8 characters and for the backslash character.

       Use program djvused(1) for more control over the	text layer.

       This  program  was  initially  written  by  Andrei Erofeev <andrew_ero-> and was then  improved  Bill  Riemers  <docbill@source->  and	many others. It	was then rewritten to use the ddjvuapi
       by Leon Bottou <>.

       djvu(1),	djvused(1)

DjVuLibre-3.5			  10/11/2001			    DJVUTXT(1)


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