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DISPLAYS(5)		      File Formats Manual		   DISPLAYS(5)

       displays	- Display Configuration	File

       The  interactive	 graphics  programs Caesar, Magic, and Gremlin use two
       separate	terminals: a text terminal from	which commands are issued, and
       a  color	 graphics  terminal  on	 which	graphical output is displayed.
       These programs use a displays file to  associate	 their	text  terminal
       with its	corresponding display device.

       The  displays  file  is	an ASCII text file with	one line for each text
       terminal/graphics terminal pair.	 Each line contains 4 items  separated
       by  spaces:  the	name of	the port attached to a text terminal, the name
       of the port attached to the associated graphics terminal, the  phosphor
       type  of	the graphics terminal's	monitor, and the type of graphics ter-

       An applications program may use the phosphor type to select a color map
       tuned  to the monitor's characteristics.	 Only the std phosphor type is
       supported at UC Berkeley.

       The graphics terminal type specifies the	device driver a	program	should
       use  when  communicating	 with  its  graphics terminal.	Magic supports
       types UCB512, AED1024, and SUN120.  Other programs may  recognize  dif-
       ferent  display types.  See the manual entry for	your specific applica-
       tion for	more information.

       A sample	displays file is:

	    /dev/ttyi1 /dev/ttyi0 std UCB512
	    /dev/ttyj0 /dev/ttyj1 std UCB512
	    /dev/ttyjf /dev/ttyhf std UCB512
	    /dev/ttyhb /dev/ttyhc std UCB512
	    /dev/ttyhc /dev/ttyhb std UCB512 (R)

       In this example,	/dev/ttyi1 connects to a text terminal.	 An associated
       UCB512  graphics	 terminal  with	 standard  phosphor  is	 connected  to

       Magic uses the  displays	 file  ~cad/lib/displays.   Gremlin  looks  in


3rd Berkeley Distribution	    2/19/85			   DISPLAYS(5)


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