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DIRSYNC(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	    DIRSYNC(1)

       dirsync - Syncronize two	directories rapidly

       $Id: dirsync,v 1.15 2007/08/04 07:33:29 rob Exp $

	 # Rebuild the source cache for	rapid updating.
	 dirsync  [ options ]  --rebuild  <source_dir>

	 # Quickly update source to destination.
	 dirsync  [ options ]  <source_dir> <dest_dir>


	 # Mirror source to destination	ignoring cache.
	 # (almost like: cp -a <source_dir>/. <dest_dir>/.
	 #  except files may be	deleted	in destination
	 #  to ensure exact consistency	with source.)
	 dirsync  [ options ]  --nocache <source_dir> <dest_dir>

       This is just a wrapper script for easy commandline access to
       File::DirSync.  It mirrors all files and	symlinks recursively from
       source_dir to dest_dir.

   --help (or -h)
       Show this help screen

   --rebuild (or -r)
       Rebuilds	the dirsync cache on source_dir.  Write	access to source_dir
       is required to rebuild.	If dest_dir is not specified when this option
       is, then	nothing	is mirrored to anywhere	after the cache	is rebuilt.

   --local (or -l)
       Local directory only, no	recursion.

   --nocache (or -n)
       When mirroring from source_dir to dest_dir, do not assume that
       --rebuild has built the dirsync cache on	source_dir already.  It	is
       ignored and all files are mirrored.  This option	will significantly
       slow the	performance of the mirroring process.

   --ignore <dir> (or -i=<dir>)
       Avoid recursing into directories	named <dir> within the entire descent
       of source_dir.  This option applies to both the --rebuild option	and
       the mirroring process if	a second directory is supplied.	 It may	be
       specified multiple times	to ignore several directories.

   --only <node> (or -o=<node>)
       If this option is used, this will be the	only node checked for changes,
       but the cache will still	be rebuilt all the way to source_dir.  This
       only node must always be	a subdirectory or a file within	a subdirectory
       of source_dir.  This option only	applies	to the --rebuild option.  It
       may be specified	multiple times to rebuild several nodes.

   --skew (or -s)
       Enable clock skew protection.  If a file	or directory is	found within
       source_dir modified in the future, the timestamp	will be	reset back to
       "now" to	prevent	corrupting the directory cache into the	future.

   --concur <lockfile> (or -c=<lockfile>)
       If this option is used, <lockfile> will be used to ensure that only one
       dirsync process is running at a time.  If another process is
       concurrently running, this process will immediately abort without doing
       anything.  If <lockfile>	does not exist,	it will	be created.

   --gentle <percent>[:<ops>] (or -g=<percent>:<ops>)
       If this option is specified, then dirsync will spend <percent> %	of the
       time sleeping instead of	syncing.  If <ops> is specified, it will
       perform <ops> disk operations in	between	each pause cycle.  If this
       option is not specified,	dirsync	will burn continually until the
       process has completed.

   --proctitle (or -p)
       If this option is specified, the	process	name will be modified to show
       the current operation.  This can	be useful for viewing or monitoring
       the progress.

   --verbose (or -v)
       Show extra details.

       Rob Brown,

       Copyright (C) 2001-2006,	Rob Brown,

       All rights reserved.

       This may	be copied, modified, and distributed under the same terms as
       Perl itself.

       cp(1), perl(1)

perl v5.20.3			  2007-08-04			    DIRSYNC(1)


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