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dir2slideshow(1)		 dvd-slideshow		      dir2slideshow(1)

       dir2slideshow  -	 Creates an input file for dvd-slideshow from pictures
       in a directory.

       dir2slideshow [-o <output directory>] [-t <Seconds  per	picture>]  [-c
       <Crossfade  seconds>]  -n <Slideshow name> [-T] [-M] [-s	subtitle_text]
       [-notitle] <Images directory>

       Creates a input file for	dvd-slideshow from all the JPEG	 images	 in  a
       given  directory.  Now it reads all .jpg	.JPG .jpeg .png	and .PNG files
       in the specified	directory.

       <Images directory>
	      The path to the directory	containing the images you want to use.

       -n <Slideshow name>
	      The name of this slideshow.  This	name is	used  as  the  default
	      title text for the first title slide in the slideshow. This name
	      will be used for the output file name.

       [-t <Seconds per	picture>]
	      Number of	seconds	to display each	picture	 in  the  movie.   De-
	      faults to	5 seconds if not specified.

       [-o <Output directory>]
	      Directory	 where the output file will be written.	 If not	speci-
	      fied, the	current	directory is used.

       [-c <Crossfade seconds>]
	      Number of	seconds	to crossfade between  images.  One  second  is
	      usually fine.  Note that this will increase the processing time,
	      but it looks nice.

       [-w <Wipe seconds>]
	      Number of	seconds	to wipe	between	images.	One second is  usually
	      fine.  Pick either crossfade or wipe, but	not both.

       [-T]   Sort  images  by the JPEG	header picture taken time, then	by the
	      file modification	date, and finally  by  the  filename.  Default
	      sort is by name only. Requires the jhead program.

       [-M]   Sort images by the file modification date, and then by the file-
	      name. Default sort if by name only.

       [-s subtitle_text]
	      Add default subtitle "subtitle_text" to every  slide.   Use  "-s
	      filename"	to display filename as the subtitle.  Use "-s path" to
	      display the path and filename as the subtitle.

       [-s2 subtitle_text]
	      Same as -s but adds subtitles to subtitle	track 2.

       [-b background.jpg]
	      Use background.jpg as the	background images.  Default is black.

	      Do not create a title slide.

       [-r]   Recursively search directories for images, creating  one	output

       [-k]   Apply  random  kenburns  effects to images. (use of this is dis-
	      couraged because encoding	takes so long)

       [-p]   Use PAL output video format instead of NTSC

       [-theme themename]
	      Use themename as a theme file.  See theme	help  files  for  more
	      info. (TBD)

       [-a audiofile1,audiofile2,...]
	      Add  audio  files	to the slideshow. Files	will be	played sequen-
	      tially for the duration of the slideshow.	  Use  quotes  if  you
	      have spaces in filenames.

       [-q]   Quiet mode: outputs less screen output.


       Scott Dylewski <scott at	dylewski dot com>

       dvd-menu(1), dvd-slideshow(1)

Scott Dylewski			     0.8.4		      dir2slideshow(1)


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