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DILOADFROMSPOOL(8)	    System Manager's Manual	    DILOADFROMSPOOL(8)

       diloadfromspool	-  Diablo program to regenerate	dhistory database from

       diloadfromspool [ -a ] [	-e ] [ -F dhistory-file	] [ -f ] [ -h  hashta-
       blesize	]  [  -n  ]  [	-Q  ]  [  -q  ]	 [  -S	nn  ]  [  -u  ]	[ -v ]

       DILoadFromSpool will scan the entire spool,  specified  spool  directo-
       ries, or	specified spool	articles.  It extracts article location, size,
       message-id, and placement information and creates any missing  dhistory
       file records.

       This  command  is  typically  used  to recover a	lost or	partially lost
       dhistory	database from the spool.  The program may be run without shut-
       ting down an active Diablo system.

       Articles	 are  sanity-checked  before being added.  The number of lines
       must match the Lines: header and	the NUL	guard character	is expected to
       exist after each	article.

       -a  Instruction	DILoadFromSpool	 to scan the entire spool.  This could
       take a long time	but since each spool file contains multiple  articles,
       not as long as scanning an equivalent INN V1 spool might	take.

       -e A special unexpire option that only scans the	history	file and marks
       all expired articles as unexpired. This option doesn't scan the	spool.
       Note  that articles not found on	the spool will be marked as expired by
       the next	run of dexpire.

       -F dhistory-file	Allows you to specify the dhistory file	 to  work  on.
       If not specified, the diablo default dhistory file is used.  Note, how-
       ever, that you MUST specify a specific file if you use the -f option as
       a safety	precaution.

       -f  Turn	on special-fast	mode.  This locks the history file through the
       entire procedure.  This also causes the base hash table	to  be	cached
       and  written  then  written  out	when the load operation	has completed.
       DiLoadFromSpool will create the history file you	supply as an  argument
       and  will  refuse  to  run if it	is already pre-existing.   This	option
       should only be used to increase speed when creating a new dhistory file
       from scratch.

       -h  hashtablesize  The default hash table size is 4 million entries (-h
       4m).  You can set it to any power of two	but the	suggested size	is  4m
       or  8m.	 Do  NOT forget	the 'm'	for million, or	you will be a very un-
       happy camper.  If you do	not specify this option, the default  in  dia-
       blo.config is used, or 4m if no default exists anywhere.

       -n prevents the program from actually adding any	new records

       -Q  Scan	 spool	(ignores history and history options) for articles and
       print the articles found	in a format suitable for drequeue. The	output
       is  effectively	that  of  a  queue file, with the Newsgroups: line ap-

       -q Turn on quiet	mode.  The program prints out its progress in  a  less
       verbose manner then usual.

       -u  May be used with special-fast mode to re-enable checking for	dupli-
       cates.  You have	the advantage of locking the history  file  throughout
       the  entire operation, but can still use	a pre-existing history file to

       -S nn Instruct diloadfromspool to only scan the spool object specified.
       The spool object	is the spool object number as specified	in dspool.ctl.

       -v Turn on verbose mode.	 The program prints out	its progress in	a more
       verbose manner then usual.

       D.xxxxxxxx Specify a spool directory to scan.  All B.xxxx  spool	 files
       in  the	directory will be scanned.  You	may specify multiple spool di-
       rectories on the	command	line if	you wish.  Note	that you must be  CD'd
       to the top of the news spool and	you must specify the directory name in
       the 'D.xxxxxxxx'	form.

       D.xxxxxxxx/B.xxxx Specify a spool file to scan.	You may	specify	multi-
       ple spool files on the command line.  Note that you must	be CD'd	to the
       top of the news spool and you  must  specify  the  spool	 file  in  the
       'D.xxxxxxxx/B.xxxx' form.

       diablo(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8),	doutq(8), dex-
       pire(8),	 dexpireover(8),  diconvhist(8),  dilookup(8),	 dspoolout(8),
       dnewsfeeds(5), dkp(8), dpath(8),	diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5)



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