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DIJKSTRA(1)		    General Commands Manual		   DIJKSTRA(1)

       dijkstra	- single-source	distance filter	for Graphviz

       dijkstra	[ -adp?	 ] [ sourcenode	file ]

       dijkstra	 reads a stream	of Graphviz formatted graphs and for each com-
       putes the distance of every node	from sourcenode.  Edge length is given
       in  the len attribute, and the default is 1.  The dist attribute	of ev-
       ery node	is set to its distance from sourcenode.	 If  the  -p  flag  is
       used,  the prev attribute of each node reachable	from sourcenode	is set
       to the name of the previous node	on a shortest path.  The graph	attri-
       bute maxdist is set to the maximum dist of all nodes in the graph.

       If  the -d flag is used,	the graph is treated as	directed and only for-
       ward edges are used.

       By default, if the graph	is disconnected, the dist attribute  of	 nodes
       unreachable  from  sourcenode are left untouched, and maxdist is	set to
       the maximum of any previous value and the largest distance recorded  in
       this run. On the	other hand, if the -a flag is used, the	dist attribute
       of an unreachable node is assigned a  very  large  value,  and  maxdist
       records	 the  maximum  distance	 found	in  the	 component  containing

       Any number of sourcenode	file pairs may be given.  If the last file  is
       missing,	stdin is used.	All output is written to stdout.

       In  a typical application, dist and maxdist can drive a downstream cal-
       culation	of color or some other attribute.

       gvpr(1),	gvcolor(1), libgraph(3)

				 21 March 2001			   DIJKSTRA(1)


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