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DHISEXPIRE(8)		    System Manager's Manual		 DHISEXPIRE(8)

       dhisexpire - Diablo program to clean the	history	file

       dhisexpire  [ -a	[ -m ] [ -o old-dhistory-file ]	[ -p ] [ -r remember ]
       [ -T seconds ] [	-u ] [ -v ] [ -x ] [ -C	diablo.config ]	[ -d[n]	] [ -V
       ] dhistory-file [ new-dhistory-file ]

       DHisExpire  This	program	is used	to remove stale	history	entries	by do-
       ing a complete history rebuild. This process is required	on  a  regular
       basis  (usually	weekly)	 to  prevent the history file from growing too
       big.  This program has been written to  prevent	any  downtime  to  the
       server,	apart  from a short pause at the end while the history file is
       switched	over (if the ``-a'' option is used). Incoming connections  are
       not closed, unless an error is detected.

       Note  that if the ``-a''	option is not used, the	new history file could
       become stale immediately	and should not be used if the diablo server is
       accepting  incoming  articles,  otherwise  some	articles  will	not be
       recorded	in the new history.

       When disabling the live history file to switch to the new one, the his-
       tory header magic flag is modified to prevent diablo processes from us-
       ing the file (they auto-detect and switch to the	new one	if available).
       The  ``-u''  option can be used on the old history file to set the cor-
       rect header magic, so that it can be used again.

       The name	of the history file is a  required  option.  The  new  history
       path/filename can be (optionally) specified as an extra option.


       This  option is required	if the rebuilt history file is to be used. The
       old history is renamed with ``.bak'' tagged onto	the  and  the  history
       header  magic flag is marked as invalid.	By default, the	expire process
       doesn't move the	new history file into place and	creates	the  new  his-
       tory file with ``.new'' tagged into the end.


       By default, dhisexpire can only rename files on the same	filesystem Us-
       ing this	option,	causes dhisexpire to do	a full copy of the file	rather
       than a rename, allowing the file	to be moved across filesystems.

       -o old-dhistory-file

       Specify the path/filename to use	to store the backup of the old history
       file. By	default, the file is path_to_history/dhistory.bak.  Specifying
       a  filename  of ``0'' causes dhisexpire to not make a backup of the old
       history file.


       With this option, the progress of the expire is	displayed  to  stderr.
       Note  that  if the diablo server	is running and receiving articles, the
       total entries may be lower than the actual entries and will be adjusted
       when dhisexpire reaches the end.

       -r nn

       Set  the	 number	 of days that expired articles are kept	in the history
       file. The default is obtained from the ``rememberdays'' value  in  dia-

       -T nn

       This option can be used to prevent old history entries from being moved
       to the new history fule.	The number specified is	the number of  seconds
       that entries are	valid and anything older will be dropped from the his-
       tory. WARNING: The old entries cannot be	recovered. This	option is  not
       normally	used.

       -u  Set	the history header magic flag to be valid again. When the his-
       tory rewrite is complete, the history header magic flag	is  marked  as
       invalid to prevent live processes from using it and to indicate to them
       that a new history file is available.

       -v This option turns on verbose mode.

       -C allows the specification of the path of the  diablo.config  file  to

       -d[n] will set debug mode, at optional level n.

       -V will print the version and exit.

       diablo(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8),	doutq(8), dex-
       pire(8),	 dexpireover(8),  diconvhist(8),  dilookup(8),	 dspoolout(8),
       dkp(8), dpath(8), diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5)



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