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DGRPCTL(8)		    System Manager's Manual		    DGRPCTL(8)

       dgrpctl - add, delete and modify	newsgroups in the active file.

       dgrpctl [-s] newgroup newsgroup [y|m] ["[moderator]" ["description"]]

       dgrpctl [-s] rmgroup newsgroup

       dgrpctl [-s] groupinfo newsgroup

       dgrpctl [-s] adjust newsgroup NB|NE|NX [+|-|=]value

       dgrpctl [-s] checkgroups	[exec] filename|-

       dgrpctl [-s] listactive [wildmat]

       dgrpctl [-s] listnewsgroups [wildmat]

       dgrpctl [-s] listgrouphash [wildmat [hash]]

       dgrpctl [-s] listgrouphashfile [wildmat[hash]]

       dgrpctl -V

       Dgrpctl	allows	several	administrative and maintenance functions to be
       performed on newsgroups.	 Changes are made to  the  active  file	 (dac-  located on the reader, or if	-s is specified, on the	server
       (as specified by	the path_server_dactive	parameter in diablo.config(5).

       newgroup	adds newsgroup to the  specified  active  file	and  sets  at-
       tributes	 for that group	or updates attributes if the group already ex-
       ists.  Flags may	be set to Y for	a normal group,	or M for  a  moderated
       groups.	 (Other	 group states are not supported.) Use "" to specify no
       moderator e-mail	address	when the newsgroups field is being  specified.
       The  content  of	 the  moderator	field is not currently used and	is re-
       served for future use.  if provided, the	newsgroups text	is shown  when
       the NNTP/NNRP client issues a "LIST NEWSGROUPS" command.

       rmgroup removes the specified newsgroup from the	specified active file.

       groupinfo  displays all the technical attributes	of the specified news-
       group that are maintained in the	active database	file   The
       path to the overview database for that group is also shown.

       adjust  changes	the specified article numbering	element	for newsgroup.
       NB is the lowest	available article number on  the  reader,  NE  is  the
       highest	available  article number on the reader, and NX	is the highest
       article number assigned by the server.

       By default, the specified value is added	to the existing	entry.	 (This
       is  the	historical behavior of dgrpctl.) Prefixing value with "=" sets
       the stored entry	to value.  Value is always treated as a	decimal	value.
       (In earlier versions, a leading zero on the value indicated that	an oc-
       tal value was being provided.)

       checkgroups accepts list	of groups in  "checkgroups"  format  from  the
       filename	 or  from  - (stdin).  DOES THIS MAKE THE CHANGES OR PROVIDE A

       listactive produces lists information on	news groups that are contained
       in the active news group	database	 If no wildmat pattern
       is specified, then all groups in	the database are listed.  If a wildmat
       pattern	is provided, only groups that match the	pattern	are displayed.
       The command and its output behave identical to the NNTP "LIST" or "LIST
       ACTIVE" commands.  (See below for information on	wildmat	patterns.)

       listnewsgroups  produces	the same results as the	NNTP "LIST NEWSGROUPS"
       command.	 If no pattern is displayed, the stored	 descriptions  of  all
       groups in the active news group database are shown.  If a
       wildmat pattern is provided, only descriptions of groups	that match the
       pattern are shown.

       listgrouphash displays the hash code that diablo	creates	for each group
       name.  If a wildmat pattern is provided,	all groups that	match the pat-
       tern  are  displayed,  along with their hash value.  If a hash value is
       provided, if a group name matches that hash value, that group  name  is
       displayed.  For example:

	    /news/dbin/dgrpctl listgrouphash '*sys.t*'
	    vvcgiadtevn0ed0owhr5t comp.sys.tahoe
	    4iddfhey5e0jrnp1ojjhl comp.sys.tandem
	    uwhvdjfqhrr01eh11shzn comp.sys.tandy
	    jkexxf1irwpvulpbarfke comp.sys.ti
	    ktzj1yw24mma0kgpqgeaw comp.sys.ti.explorer
	    gnhwcuusrzu1bwgn51r1f comp.sys.transputer

       listgrouphashfile  will	show the path to the overview database for all
       groups in the active news group database" or a subset	of en-
       tries  that  match  the wildmat pattern,	if a pattern is	provided.  For

	    /news/dbin/dgrpctl listgrouphashfile '*sys.t*'
	    069/04a/vvcgiadtevn0ed0owhr5t.0.o.32.0 comp.sys.tahoe
	    01a/03c/4iddfhey5e0jrnp1ojjhl.0.o.32.0 comp.sys.tandem
	    01f/02e/uwhvdjfqhrr01eh11shzn.0.o.32.0 comp.sys.tandy
	    03e/013/jkexxf1irwpvulpbarfke.0.o.32.0 comp.sys.ti
	    018/008/ktzj1yw24mma0kgpqgeaw.0.o.32.0 comp.sys.ti.explorer
	    041/05d/gnhwcuusrzu1bwgn51r1f.0.o.32.0 comp.sys.transputer

       Similar to those	found in the find(1) command.  Patterns	 are  anchored
       to  the	beginning  and	end of each item that is to be compared.  Five
       special pattern matching	characters allow for none or  more  characters
       to be matched with certain or any values.  The special characters are:

       *    Matches zero or more characters at this position.
       ?    Matches a single character at this position.
       []   One	 or  more  sets	 or ranges of characters may be	described that
	    will match a single	character in this  position.   [a-cXYZA-Cq0-3]
	    will  match	any of the characters a, b, c, X, Y, Z,	A, B, C, q, 0,
	    1, 2, and 3	in this	position.  [] must appear in pairs.
       ^    In front of	a range	of characters matches all  but	the  specified
	    characters or ranges of characters.	 ^[A-Z]	will match any charac-
	    ter	except the upper-case letters A	through	Z.
       \    Means the following	character is to	be matched literally.	So  \?
	    means  the	question-mark character	must be	found in the indicated

       The wildmat pattern is accepted by a NNTP/NNRP server in	the LIST, LIST
       ACTIVE,	LIST  NEWSGROUPS,  in  any  other LIST option commands a given
       server provides as well as the XPAT command.

       Additional information on the wildmat format can	be found in RFC	 2980,
       section 3.3.

       diablo(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8),	doutq(8), dex-
       pire(8),	 dexpireover(8),  diconvhist(8),  dilookup(8),	 dspoolout(8),
       dkp(8), dpath(8), diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5),	RFC 977, RFC 2980



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