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DFEEDINFO(8)		    System Manager's Manual		  DFEEDINFO(8)

       dfeedinfo - Display and manipulate the realtime feed statistics

       dfeedinfo  [ -a ] [ -f filename ] [ -I ]	[ -i ] [ -o ] [	-P[ext]	] [ -r
       ] [ -S ]	[ -s ] [ -t ] [	-z ] hostname

       dfeedinfo allows	one to manipulate the realtime feed statistics if  en-
       abled with the ``feederrtstats''	option in diablo.config. The stats are
       updated in realtime by the diablo and dnewslink	processes  and	mmaped
       from a file so that they	are persistant across restarts/reboots.	dfeed-
       info allows one to view,	clear and snapshot the stats. Stats  are  kept
       for each	hostname or label (depending on	``feederrtstats'' option).

       -a View incoming	summary, outgoing and spool stats.

       -f  filename  Manipulate	 stats	from the specified file	(path_db rela-

       -I Display detailed incoming feed stats.	This includes rejected and re-
       fused reason counts.

       -i Display a summary of incoming	feed stats.

       -o Display outgoing feed	stats.

       -P[ext]	Create a snapshot file of the current feed statistics. The de-
       fault extension for the snapshot	file is	``.yyyymmdd-hhmmss''. This can
       be overidden by specifying the extension	to use.	Existing files will be

       -r Show raw byte	values (i.e: don't pretty-print	the bytes values).

       -S Dump detailed	spool statistics. This includes	stats on  expired  and
       missing articles.

       -s  Dump	 spool statistics. These are articles retrieved	from the spool

       -t Only display the totals for any stats	requested.

       -z Clear	(zero) the statistics specified. This option has no effect un-
       less  used  with	 one  or more of the display type options (-a, -i, -o,
       -s). It can also	be used	with the snapshot option, although there is  a
       small  window  between  when  the  snapshot  is	made and the stats are

       The default filename used to store the  statistics  is  ``path_db/feed-
       stats''	and  is	created	when the first incoming	or outgoing connection
       is made.	 The file can be safely	deleted	if  necessary  -  it  will  be
       recreated  the  next  time  a connection	is made, although any existing
       live connections	will not detect	the new	file and their stats  will  be

       diablo(8), dicmd(8), didump(8), diload(8), dnewslink(8),	doutq(8), dex-
       pire(8),	 dexpireover(8),  diconvhist(8),  dilookup(8),	 dspoolout(8),
       dkp(8), dpath(8), diablo-kp(5), diablo-files(5)



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