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DF(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual			 DF(1)

     df	-- display free	disk space

     df	[-ink] [-t type] [file | filesystem ...]

     Df	displays statistics about the amount of	free disk space	on the speci-
     fied filesystem or	on the filesystem of which file	is a part.  Values are
     displayed in 512-byte per block block counts.  If neither a file or a
     filesystem	operand	is specified, statistics for all mounted filesystems
     are displayed (subject to the -t option below).

     The following options are available:

     -i	     Include statistics	on the number of free inodes.

     -k	     Use 1024-byte (1-Kbyte) blocks rather than	the default.  Note
	     that this overrides the BLOCKSIZE specification from the environ-

     -n	     Print out the previously obtained statistics from the filesys-
	     tems.  This option	should be used if it is	possible that one or
	     more filesystems are in a state such that they will not be	able
	     to	provide	statistics without a long delay.  When this option is
	     specified,	df will	not request new	statistics from	the filesys-
	     tems, but will respond with the possibly stale statistics that
	     were previously obtained.

     -t	     Only print	out statistics for filesystems of the specified	types.
	     The recognized types are: ufs, nfs, mfs, lfs, msdos, fdesc, por-
	     tal, kernfs, procfs, afs, isofs, iso9660fs, cdfs, and cd9660,
	     along with	the aggregates:	all (the default), local (ufs, mfs,
	     lfs, msdos, cd9660), and misc (fdesc, portal, kernfs, procfs).
	     The names isofs, iso9660fs, cdfs, and cd9660 are aliases to each
	     other all of them refering	to the same type of file system.  The
	     string ``no'' may be prepending to	a type to get its complement
	     (e.g. ``nonfs'' to	get non-NFS filesystems).  The first -t	option
	     overrides the default, additional such options will add to	(or
	     subtract from) the	current	set of types; e.g. either ``df -t ufs
	     -t	lfs'' or ``df -t local -t nomfs'' will display statistics for
	     UFS and LFS filesystems.

     BLOCKSIZE	If the environment variable BLOCKSIZE is set, the block	counts
		will be	displayed in units of that size	block.

     The -n and	-t flags are ignored if	a file or filesystem is	specified.

     quota(1), statfs(2), fstatfs(2), getfsstat(2), getmntinfo(3), fstab(5),
     mount(8), quot(8)

     A df command appeared in Version 1	AT&T UNIX.

4th Berkeley Distribution      January 13, 1994	     4th Berkeley Distribution


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