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DDRESCUELOG(1)			 User Commands			DDRESCUELOG(1)

       ddrescuelog - tool for ddrescue mapfiles

       ddrescuelog [options] mapfile

       GNU  ddrescuelog	 is  a	tool that manipulates ddrescue mapfiles, shows
       mapfile contents, converts mapfiles  to/from  other  formats,  compares
       mapfiles,  tests	 rescue	status,	and can	delete a mapfile if the	rescue
       is done.	Ddrescuelog operations can be restricted  to  one  or  several
       parts of	the mapfile if the domain setting options are used.

       Use '-' as mapfile to read the mapfile from standard input (also	in the
       options taking a	mapfile	argument) or to	write the mapfile  created  by
       '--create-mapfile' to standard output.

       NOTE:  In  versions  of	ddrescue  prior	to 1.20	the mapfile was	called
       'logfile'. The format is	the same; only the name	has changed.

       -h, --help
	      display this help	and exit

       -V, --version
	      output version information and exit

       -a, --change-types=<ot>,<nt>
	      change the block types of	mapfile

       -A, --annotate-mapfile
	      add comments with	human-readable pos/sizes

       -b, --block-size=<bytes>
	      block size in bytes [default 512]

       -B, --binary-prefixes
	      show binary multipliers in numbers [SI]

       -c, --create-mapfile[=<tt>]
	      create mapfile from list of blocks [+-]

       -C, --complete-mapfile[=<t>]
	      complete mapfile adding blocks of	type t [?]

       -d, --delete-if-done
	      delete the mapfile if rescue is finished

       -D, --done-status
	      return 0 if rescue is finished

       -f, --force
	      overwrite	existing output	files

       -i, --input-position=<bytes>
	      starting position	of rescue domain [0]

       -l, --list-blocks=<types>
	      print block numbers of given types (?*/-+)

       -L, --loose-domain
	      accept an	incomplete domain mapfile

       -m, --domain-mapfile=<file>
	      restrict domain to finished blocks in file

       -n, --invert-mapfile
	      invert block types (finished <-->	others)

       -o, --output-position=<bytes>
	      starting position	in output file [ipos]

       -p, --compare-mapfile=<file>
	      compare block types in domain of both files

       -P, --compare-as-domain=<file>
	      like -p but compare finished blocks only

       -q, --quiet
	      suppress all messages

       -s, --size=<bytes>
	      maximum size of rescue domain to be processed

       -t, --show-status
	      show a summary of	mapfile	contents

       -v, --verbose
	      be verbose (a 2nd	-v gives more)

       -x, --xor-mapfile=<file>
	      XOR the finished blocks in file with mapfile

       -y, --and-mapfile=<file>
	      AND the finished blocks in file with mapfile

       -z, --or-mapfile=<file>
	      OR the finished blocks in	file with mapfile

	      shift all	block positions	by (opos - ipos)

       Numbers may be in decimal, hexadecimal, or octal, and may  be  followed
       by a multiplier:	s = sectors, k = 1000, Ki = 1024, M = 10^6, Mi = 2^20,

       Exit status: 0 for a normal exit, 1 for	environmental  problems	 (file
       not  found, invalid flags, I/O errors, etc), 2 to indicate a corrupt or
       invalid input file, 3 for an internal consistency error (eg, bug) which
       caused ddrescuelog to panic.

       Report bugs to
       Ddrescue	home page:
       General help using GNU software:

       Copyright  (C) 2020 Antonio Diaz	Diaz.  License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version
       2 or later <>
       This is free software: you are free  to	change	and  redistribute  it.
       There is	NO WARRANTY, to	the extent permitted by	law.

ddrescuelog 1.25		 February 2020			DDRESCUELOG(1)


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