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dcg(1)			    General Commands Manual			dcg(1)

       dcg - datastructure generator.

       dcg [many options possible] filename

       The  information	in the man page	is an extract from the full documenta-
       tion of the dcg datastructure generator.	As dcg tends  to  evolve  over
       time, this man page might not always be up to date.

       dcg  generates a	C header and source file from a	dcg data structure de-
       scription for subsequent	compilation by a C compiler.

       Options must be separated: `-xn'	is different from `-x -n'.   The  fol-
       lowing options are specific for dcg.

       -h     provides help on using dcg.

       -V     gives version of dcg.

       -n     forces  dcg  not	to code	i.e. the source	files are only checked
	      for validity.

       -v     gives extra information while dcg	is generating.

       -fv    gives lots of extra information while dcg	is generating.

       -Idir  adds dir to the search path (i.e.	the  list  of  directories  to
	      search for dcg def files).

       Copyright (C) 2008 Marc Seutter

       Mimir  is free software;	you can	redistribute it	and/or modify it under
       the terms of the	GNU General Public License as published	 by  the  Free
       Software	 Foundation;  either version 3 of the License, or (at your op-
       tion) any later version.

       Mimir is	distributed in the hope	that it	will be	 useful,  but  WITHOUT
       ANY  WARRANTY;  without even the	implied	warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
       FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR	PURPOSE.  See the GNU (Library)	General	Public
       License for more	details.

       You  should  have received a copy of the	GNU Library General Public Li-
       cense and a copy	of the GNU General Public License along	with this ver-
       sion of MCDL; If	not, see <>.

       M. Seutter

				  14 dec 2007				dcg(1)


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