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DARKTABLE-CLI(1)		   darktable		      DARKTABLE-CLI(1)

       darktable-cli - a command line darktable	variant

	   darktable-cli IMG_1234.{RAW,...} [<xmp file>] <output file> [options] [--core <darktable options>]


	   --width <max	width>
	   --height <max height>
	   --bpp <bpp>
	   --hq	<0|1|true|false>
	   --upscale <0|1|true|false>

       darktable is a digital photography workflow application for Linux, Mac
       OS X and	several	other Unices.  It's described further in darktable(1).

       darktable-cli is	a command line variant to be used to export images
       given the raw file and the accompanying xmp file.

       The user	needs to supply	an input filename and an output	filename.  All
       other parameters	are optional.

       <input file>
	   The name of the input file to export.

       <xmp file>
	   The optional	name of	an XMP sidecar file containing the history
	   stack data to be applied during export.  If this option is not
	   given darktable will	search for an XMP file that belongs to the
	   given input file.

       <output file>
	   The name of the output file.	 darktable derives the export file
	   format from the file	extension.  You	can also use all the variables
	   available in	darktable's export module in the output	filename.

       --width <max width>
	   This	optional parameter allows one to limit the width of the
	   exported image to that number of pixels.

       --height	<max height>
	   This	optional parameter allows one to limit the height of the
	   exported image to that number of pixels.

       --bpp <bpp>
	   An optional parameter to define the bit depth of the	exported
	   image; allowed values depend	on the file format.  Currently this
	   option is not yet functional.  If you need to define	the bit	depth
	   you need to use the following workaround:

	       --core --conf plugins/imageio/format/<FORMAT>/bpp=<VALUE>

	   where FORMAT	is the name of the selected output format, for example

       --hq <0|1|true|false>
	   A flag that defines whether to use high quality resampling during
	   export.  Defaults to	true.

       --upscale <0|1|true|false>
	   A flag that defines whether to allow	upscaling during export.
	   Defaults to false.

	   Enables verbose output.

       --core <darktable options>
	   All command line parameters following --core	are passed to the
	   darktable core and handled as standard parameters.  See
	   darktable(1)	for a detailed description of the options.


       The principal developer of darktable is Johannes	Hanika.	 The
       (hopefully) complete list of contributors to the	project	is:

       * developers: Roman Lebedev, Ulrich Pegelow, Tobias Ellinghaus, Pedro
       CA'rte-Real, Pascal Obry, johannes hanika, Aldric Renaudin, parafin,
       JA(C)rA(C)my Rosen, Pascal de Bruijn, Edouard Gomez, Alexandre
       Prokoudine, Christian Tellefsen.

       * translators: Pascal Obry, Ger Siemerink, Tobias Ellinghaus, shlomi
       braitbart, tatica, Michel Leblond, Richard Levitte, Thomas Pryds, Josep
       V. Moragues, BA!thory PA(C)ter, MatjaA3/4 Jeran,	Novy Sawai, Alexandre
       Prokoudine, Pascal de Bruijn, Alberto Caso, DuA!an Kazik, Germano
       Massullo, Matthieu Moy, Milan KnAA3/4ek,	Nazarii	Vitak, Tomasz
       Golinski, johannes hanika.

       * contributors (at least	4 commits): Stefan SchA<paragraph>fegger, Dan
       Torop, Ger Siemerink, Michel Leblond, Matthieu Volat, shlomi braitbart,
       Axel Waggershauser, tatica, Asma, Bernd Steinhauser, Matthieu Moy,
       Richard Levitte,	Maurizio Paglia, Thomas	Pryds, Chris Hodapp, Josep V.
       Moragues, Alexander V. Smal, peterbud.

       And all those of	you that made previous releases	possible

       This man	page was written by Richard Levitte <>.
       Additions were made by Tobias Ellinghaus	<>.

       Copyright (C) 2009-2015 by Authors.

       darktable is free software; you can redistribute	it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GPL v3 or	(at your option) any later version.

darktable 2.0			  2015-11-08		      DARKTABLE-CLI(1)


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