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CVSADMIN(1)		    General Commands Manual		   CVSADMIN(1)

       cvsadmin	- administrate users of	a CVS repository

       cvsadmin	[options] [action] [parameters]

       cvsadmin	 is  a program to administer users of a	CVS repository easily.
       You can use it to administer a local or a remote	repository (see	the -c
       option).	  There	 can be	at most	one option per invocation, since there
       are no way to distinguish between action	name and parameters).

       Options modify general how cvsadmin works generally.

       c       This tells cvsadmin to use cvs(1) to checkout the files.	  This
	       allows  you to administer a remote repository, to use SSH, etc.
	       (just like your normal CVS setup	works)

       C       This tells cvsadmin to accept pre-encrypted hashes  instead  of
	       plain-text passwords when changing password, adding users, etc.
	       This is good for	administrators that don't want	to  see	 their
	       users' passwords.

       h       Get some	help about cvsadmin usage

       d <repository>
	       Tells  cvsadmin	what  CVS  repository location to use.	By de-
	       fault, it uses $CVSROOT,	and if it's not	set, defaults to  :lo-

       v       Shows cvsadmin 's version

       Actions can be any of :

	   add	- Add users, parameters	are user names
	   list	- List users, no parameters
	   del	- Delete users,	parameters are user names
	   email - Change users' email addresses, parameters are user names
	   rename  - Rename users, parameters are pairs	of old/new usernames
	   misc	- Do misc change on a user's account, parameters are user names
	   sys - Change	users' system username,	parameters are usernames
	   pass	- Change users'	passwords, parameters are usernames

	Here  is  a  sample  session  that will	give you a good	idea about how
       cvsadmin	works.

	       % cvsadmin list
	       No users	in database
	       Can't get users list
	       % cvsadmin add foo
	       User foo
	       Password? [entering password, not shown on screen]
	       System user? [] foouser
	       Email address?
	       % cvsadmin list
	       foo<>: foouser on sys
	       % cvsadmin email	foo
	       New email for foo?
	       % cvsadmin list
	       foo<>: foouser on sys
	       % cvsadmin sys foo
	       New system user for foo?	[foouser] ? blah
	       % cvsadmin list
	       foo<>: blah on sys
	       % cvsadmin misc foo
	       User foo
	       Password? [nothing entered, keep	current]
	       System user? [blah] [nothing entered, keep current]
	       Email address? []
	       % cvsadmin list
	       foo<>: blah on sys

       Vincent Labrecque <>

				  17 May 2001			   CVSADMIN(1)


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