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CUPS-GENPPD(8)		    Gutenprint Manual Pages		CUPS-GENPPD(8)

       cups-genppd - generate Gutenprint PPD files for use with	CUPS

       cups-genppd  [-c	 localedir]  [-l  locale] [-p prefix] [-q] [-v]	model1
       [model2,	...modeln]
       cups-genppd -L [-c localedir]
       cups-genppd -M [-v]
       cups-genppd -h
       cups-genppd -V

       cups-genppd generates Gutenprint	PPD files for use with CUPS.  The  de-
       fault  behavior	is  to output PPD files	for all	models of printer that
       the Gutenprint printer driver library supports.	You may	 restrict  the
       models  by  listing  either  the	 driver	names or the full names	of the
       printers	you wish to generate PPD files for after any  options.	 Addi-
       tionally,  the  PPD files may be	localised, that	is, translated,	to use
       your native language rather than	US English.   There  are  commands  to
       find out	what printer models and	languages are supported.

       cups-genppd -v bjc-6200 'Epson Stylus Photo 1280' 'HP DeskJet 850C'
	      verbosely	 generate  three PPD files, listing the	driver name in
	      the first	case, and the full name	in the second.

       LANG=de_DE genppd -p ppd	-c /usr/share/locale
	      generate PPDs for	all available models, in directory  ppd	 using
	      the  locale data found under /usr/share/locale.  The language to
	      use is taken from	the environment	(de_DE).

       cups-genppd -L -c /usr/local/share/locale
	      list available languages	using  the  locale  data  found	 under

       cups-genppd -M -v
	      list available drivers, with long	model descriptions

       -h     show a help message

       -L     list  available translations (message catalogs).	If a locale is
	      used for which there is not a  corresponding  translation,  then
	      then US English will be used.

       -M     list  available  printer	models.	 By default, only driver names
	      are listed; if verbose mode is used, the full  model  name  will
	      also be printed

       -V     show version information and defaults

	      The default behavior is to output	PPDs if	no command is given.

       -c localedir
	      use localedir as the base	directory for locale data

       -l locale
	      output  PPDs translated with messages for	locale.	 Note that lo-
	      cale must	be a locale as shown by	locale -a.  For	 example,  the
	      de  translation  is  used	by the de_DE locale; de	alone will not

       -p prefix
	      output PPDs in directory prefix.	 Directories  are  not	recur-
	      sively created.

       -q     Quiet mode.

       -v     Verbose mode.

       models a	list of	printer	models,	either the driver or quoted full name.

       CUPS  Software  Administrators  Manual, http://localhost:631/documenta-

       Copyright (C)  1992-2002	Michael	Sweet (

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under  the  terms of the	GNU General Public License, version 2, as pub-
       lished by the Free Software Foundation.

       This manual page	was written by Roger Leigh (

Version	5.2.12			  13 Jan 2017			CUPS-GENPPD(8)


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