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CTM(1)			FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual			CTM(1)

     ctm -- source code	mirror program

     ctm [-cFpPqv] [-T tmpdir] file [...]

     Ctm was originally	``Cvs Through eMail'', but now instead it seems	more
     fitting to	call it	``Current Through eMail''.

     Ctm is now	meant to be the	definitive way to make and apply a delta
     between two versions of a directory tree.

     There are two parts to this, making the delta and applying	it.  These are
     two entirely different things.

     To	apply a	CTM delta, you pass it to the ctm command.  You	can pass a CTM
     delta on stdin, or	you can	give the filename as an	argument.  If you do
     the latter, you make life a lot easier for	your self, since the program
     can accept	gzip'ed	files and since	it will	not have to make a temporary
     copy of your file.	 You can specify multiple deltas at one	time, they
     will be proccessed	one at a time.	Deltas that are	already	applied	will
     be	ignored.

     The ctm command runs in a number of passes.  It will process the entire
     input file	in each	pass, before commencing	with the next pass.

     Pass 1 will validate that the input file is OK.  The syntax, the data and
     the global	MD5 checksum will be checked.  If any of these fail, ctm will
     never be able to do anything with the file, so it will simply reject it.

     Pass 2 will validate that the directory tree is in	the state expected by
     the CTM delta.  This is done by looking for files and directories which
     should/should not exists and by checking the MD5 checksums	of files.

     Pass 3 will actually apply	the delta.

     Ctm will extract the file hierarchy below its working directory.  Abso-
     lute filenames or filenames containing references through `.' and `..'
     are explicitly prohibited as a security measure.

     -c	     Check it out, don't do anything.

     -F	     Force.

     -p	     Less paranoid.

     -P	     Paranoid.

     -q	     Tell us less.

     -T	tmpdir
	     Put temporary files under tmpdir.

     -v	     Tell us more.

     .ctm_status contains the sequence number of the last CTM delta applied.
     Changing or removing this file will greatly confuse ctm.

     cd	~cvs
     /usr/sbin/ctm ~ctm/cvs-*

     Numerous messages,	hopefully self-explaining.  The	``noise	level''	can be
     adjusted with the -q and -v options.

     ctm(5) (yet to be written).

     Initial trials ran	during the FreeBSD 1.1.5, and many bugs	and methods
     were hashed out.

     The ctm command appeared in FreeBSD 2.1.

     The CTM system has	been designed and implemented by Poul-Henning Kamp

     Joerg Wunsch wrote	this man-page.	<>.

FreeBSD	2.0.5			 Mar 25, 1995			 FreeBSD 2.0.5


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