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CSWC(1)			    General Commands Manual		       CSWC(1)

       cswc - CScout workspace compiler

       cswc [-gv] [-d directory] [file]

       cswc  is	a workspace compiler for the CScout C source code analyzer and
       refactoring browser.  CScout integrates in a single process  the	 func-
       tionality  of a multi-project build engine, an ANSI C preprocessor, and
       the parts of a C	compiler up to and  including  the  semantic  analysis
       based  on  types.   The build engine functionality is required to allow
       the user	to process multiple compilation	and link  units	 as  a	single
       batch.  Only thus can CScout detect dependencies	across different files
       and projects.  Each compilation unit can	reside in a  different	direc-
       tory  and can require processing	using different	macro definitions or a
       different include file path.  In	a normal build process	these  options
       are  typically  specified in a Makefile.	 The CScout operation is simi-
       larly guided by a declarative workspace definition file.	  To  decouple
       the  complexity	of  the	CScout workspace processing specification from
       its actual operation, and to encouriage experimentation	with  alterna-
       tive  (e.g.  IDE-based)	workspace  specification mechanisms, CScout is
       guided by a very	simple imperative script typically generated from more
       sophisticated  workspace	definitions by cswc, the CScout	workspace com-

       This manual page	describes the cswc  invocation	and  command-line  op-
       tions.  Details about its input and output formats, setup, and configu-
       ration can be found in the online hypertext documentation  and  at  the
       project's home page

       -d directory
	      Specify  the directory to	use for	locating the CScout configura-
	      tion files.

       -g     Compile the project as generic rather than host-specific C code.
	      This  means that the generated files will	include	CScout's stan-
	      dard-C include and macro definition files	(stdc-incs.h and stdc-
	      defs.h),	rather	than  the  host-specific ones (host-incs.h and

       -v     Display  the cswc	version	and copyright information and exit.

       The following is	a configuration	file used for  processing  the	apache
       web server.

       workspace apache	{
	   cd "/usr/local/src/apache/src"

	   ro_prefix "/usr/local/src/apache/src/include/ap_config"

	   # Global project definitions
	   define HTTPD_ROOT "/usr/local/apache"
	   define SUEXEC_BIN "/usr/local/apache/bin/suexec"
	   define SHARED_CORE_DIR "/usr/local/apache/libexec"
	   define DEFAULT_PIDLOG "logs/"
	   define DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD "logs/httpd.scoreboard"
	   define DEFAULT_LOCKFILE "logs/httpd.lock"
	   define DEFAULT_XFERLOG "logs/access_log"
	   define DEFAULT_ERRORLOG "logs/error_log"
	   define TYPES_CONFIG_FILE "conf/mime.types"
	   define SERVER_CONFIG_FILE "conf/httpd.conf"
	   define ACCESS_CONFIG_FILE "conf/access.conf"
	   define RESOURCE_CONFIG_FILE "conf/srm.conf"

	   define AUX_CFLAGS
	   define LINUX	22
	   define USE_HSREGEX
	   define NO_DL_NEEDED

	   # Give project-specific directory and include path properties
	   project gen_uri_delims {
	       cd "main"
	       ipath "../os/unix"
	       ipath "../include"
	       file gen_uri_delims.c

	   # Alternative formulation; specify per-file properties
	   project gen_test_char {
	       file gen_test_char.c {
		   cd "main"
		   ipath "../os/unix"
		   ipath "../include"

	   # httpd executable; specify directory-based properties
	   project httpd {
	       directory main {
		   ipath "../os/unix"
		   ipath "../include"
		   file	alloc.c	buff.c http_config.c http_core.c
		   file	http_log.c http_main.c http_protocol.c
		   file	http_request.c http_vhost.c util.c util_date.c
		   file	util_script.c util_uri.c util_md5.c rfc1413.c
	       directory regex {
		   ipath "."
		   ipath "../os/unix"
		   ipath "../include"
		   define POSIX_MISTAKE
		   file	regcomp.c regexec.c regerror.c regfree.c
	       directory os/unix {
		   ipath "../../os/unix"
		   ipath "../../include"
		   file	os.c os-inline.c
	       directory ap {
		   ipath "../os/unix"
		   ipath "../include"
		   file	ap_cpystrn.c ap_execve.c ap_fnmatch.c ap_getpass.c
		   file	ap_md5c.c ap_signal.c ap_slack.c ap_snprintf.c
		   file	ap_sha1.c ap_checkpass.c ap_base64.c ap_ebcdic.c
	       directory modules/standard {
		   ipath "../../os/unix"
		   ipath "../../include"
		   file	mod_env.c mod_log_config.c mod_mime.c
		   file	mod_negotiation.c mod_status.c mod_include.c
		   file	mod_autoindex.c	mod_dir.c mod_cgi.c mod_asis.c
		   file	mod_imap.c mod_actions.c mod_userdir.c
		   file	mod_alias.c mod_access.c mod_auth.c mod_setenvif.c
	       directory . {
		   ipath "./os/unix"
		   ipath "./include"
		   file	modules.c buildmark.c


       (C) Copyright 2003 Diomidis Spinellis.

				 11 April 2019			       CSWC(1)


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