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csg_fmatch(1)		    General Commands Manual		 csg_fmatch(1)

       csg_fmatch - Part of the	VOTCA package

       csg_fmatch [OPTION] [OPTIONPARAMETERS]

       Perform force matching (also called multiscale coarse-graining)

       Please visit the	program	site at	__http://www.votca.org__.

       Allowed options:

       -h [ --help ]
	      display this help	and exit

	      be loud and noisy

	      be very loud and noisy

       -v [ --verbose2 ]
	      be extremly loud and noisy

       --top arg
	      atomistic	topology file

       --options arg
	      options file for coarse graining

       --trj-force arg
	      coarse-grained trajectory	containing forces of already known in-

       Mapping options:

       --cg arg
	      coarse graining mapping and bond definitions (xml-file)

       --map-ignore arg
	      list of molecules	to ignore separated by ;

	      disable mapping and act on original trajectory

       Trajectory options:

       --trj arg
	      atomistic	trajectory file

       --begin arg (=0)
	      skip frames before this time (only works for Gromacs files)

       --first-frame arg (=0)
	      start with this frame

       --nframes arg
	      process the given	number of frames

       Written and maintained by the VOTCA Development Team <>

       This Manual Page	was converted from t2t format to the  this  format  by
       txt2tags	 (	!   The	 t2t  file  was	extracted from
       'csg_fmatch --help' by help2t2t (version	1.6.3 )

       Copyright 2009-2011 The VOTCA Development Team (

       Licensed	under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
       not  use	 this file except in compliance	with the License.  You may ob-
       tain a copy of the License at

       Unless required by applicable law or agreed  to	in  writing,  software
       distributed under the License is	distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITH-
       OUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either	 express  or  implied.
       See  the	 License  for  the specific language governing permissions and
       limitations under the License.

Version: 1.6.3		      2021-03-01 18:12:02		 csg_fmatch(1)


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