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CSB(3)			     cstringbuffer library			CSB(3)

       csb_buf,	 csb_cstring,  csb_destroy,  csb_getc,	csb_length,  csb_lock,
       csb_memorysize, csb_movebegin, csb_new, csb_new_withstring,  csb_preal-
       loc,  csb_printf, csb_putc, csb_puts, csb_read, csb_rewind, csb_search-
       backward,   csb_searchforward,	csb_seek,   csb_strcat,	  csb_tellpos,
       csb_trunc,  csb_ungetc,	csb_unlock,  csb_write - operations on a file-
       like string buffer.

       #include	<csb.h>

       csb_buf*	csb_new	(void)
       csb_buf*	csb_new_withstring (const char*	string)
       void csb_destroy	(csb_buf* buf)
       int csb_prealloc	(csb_buf* buf, size_t length)

       int csb_putc (csb_buf* buf, char	ch)
       int csb_getc (csb_buf* buf)
       int csb_puts (csb_buf* buf, const char* string)
       int csb_strcat (csb_buf*	buf, const char* string)
       int csb_printf (csb_buf*	buf, const char* fmt, ...)
       int csb_read (csb_buf* buf, void* data, size_t length)
       int csb_write (csb_buf* buf, const void*	data, size_t length)
       void csb_ungetc (csb_buf* buf, char ch)

       size_t csb_length (csb_buf* buf)
       size_t csb_memorysize (csb_buf* buf)
       size_t csb_tellpos (csb_buf* buf)
       const char* csb_cstring (csb_buf* buf)
       void csb_rewind (csb_buf* buf)
       void csb_seek (csb_buf* buf, size_t pointer)
       void csb_lock(csb_buf* buf)
       void csb_unlock(csb_buf*	buf)
       size_t csb_searchforward(csb_buf* buf, const char* string)
       size_t csb_searchbackward(csb_buf* buf, const char* string)
       int csb_trunc(csb_buf* buf)
       int csb_movebegin(csb_buf* buf)

       cStringBuffer is	a helper  library  designed  to	 help  you  manipulate
       strings.	  It lets you treat them as files, and perform file-like IO on
       them, making it easier to perform certain tasks.

       csb_new allocates a new string buffer.  csb_new_withstring allocates  a
       new string buffer and initialize	it with	the string parameter.  csb_ad-
       dchunk increases	the size of the	buffer by BUFFER_INCREMENT  internally
       defined	to  be	1024  bytes.   csb_destroy destroys the	string buffer.
       csb_prealloc preallocates at least length bytes for the string.

       csb_putc	prints character ch to the buffer.  csb_getc returns the char-
       acter   from  current  position	and  advances  the  current  position.
       csb_ungetc stuffs character ch back into	buffer at the current position
       without	destroying  other data.	 csb_puts prints string	to the buffer.
       csb_strcat concatenates string at the end of the	buffer without	regard
       to  the	file  pointer.	 csb_write writes binary data of length	to the
       buffer.	csb_printf writes formatted output to the buffer.  fmt and the
       rest  of	the arguments are the same as for printf(3) csb_read reads bi-
       nary data of length from	the string buffer.

       csb_length returns the length of	the string in  bytes.	csb_memorysize
       returns	the  total  number of bytes allocated in the buffer.  csb_seek
       seeks to	position in buffer. If pointer is greater than the  length  of
       the  string,  it	 will  seek  to	 the end.  csb_rewind rewinds the file
       pointer to the beginning.  csb_tellpos returns the position of the file
       pointer.	 csb_cstring returns pointer to	string being stored.  csb_lock
       locks buffer (for use in	multithreaded applications) csb_unlock unlocks
       buffer	(for  use  in  multithreaded  applications)  csb_searchforward
       searches	forward	from the current position for the string passed	as the
       second  parameter  csb_searchbackward  same as csb_searchforward	but in
       the opposite direction csb_trunc	truncates buffer at  current  position
       csb_movebegin shifts current position to	the beginning of the buffer

       csb_new	and  csb_new_withstring	 return	 the  newly  allocated	buffer
       pointer,	or NULL	on  failure.   csb_getc	 returns  the  read  character
       value.	csb_read  returns the number of	bytes read or EOF if there are
       no  more.   csb_length  and  csb_memorysize  return  size   in	bytes.
       csb_tellpos  returns  the  file	pointer, as the	offset into the	string
       buffer.	csb_cstring returns the	string data pointer.  All other	 func-
       tions return 1 on success and 0 on failure.

       cstringbuffer  library  was  written by Mooneer Salem <mooneer@transla->

Linux				  2004-07-12				CSB(3)


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