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CS_PREPROCESS(1)	     Code_Saturne commands	      CS_PREPROCESS(1)

       cs_preprocess - Code_Saturne preprocessor

       cs_preprocess -m	<file> [-sc] [options]

       Code_Saturne preprocessor reads meshes from several formats. It enables
       non-conforming joining and periodicity handling,	as well	as some	 post-
       processing for mesh checking.

       -m, --mesh <file>
	      Preprocessor  input mesh file (mesh file format determined auto-
	      matically	by filename extension or forced	by -format sub-option)

       -sc, --sim-comm
	      simulate messages	without	file output

       General options

       --cwd <directory>
	      working directory	(if different from current directory)

       -h, --help
	      Print a usage message and	exit.

       -i, --in	[<file>]
	      Command line completed by	a file (default	file: standard input)

       --int-face [<sub-options>]
	      Count and	display	interior faces these  faces  may  be  selected
	      with face-selection sub-options

       -j, --join [<sub-options>]
	      Join non-conforming faces; select	faces to join with face-selec-
	      tion sub-options

       --log [<file>]
	      Redirect terminal	output to a  file  (default  file:  preproces-

       -p, --perio <sub-options>
	      Mesh  periodicity	 defined  by argument; joining sub-options for
	      tolerances and selection of periodic faces  with	face-selection

	      If necessary, correct orientation	of cells and faces

	      Print version number

       Postprocessing options

       --case <name>
	      Case name	(without this option, the default name is: preprocess)

       --cgns [<sub-options>]
	      CGNS geometry output

       --ensight [<sub-options>]
	      EnSight Gold geometry output

       --med [<sub-options>]
	      MED 2.3 geometry output

       Mesh selection sub-options (-m, --mesh)

       --format	<keyword>
	      Selection	of mesh	file format

       --num <n>
	      Selection	of mesh	number in file (if the format allows it)

       --grp-cel <keyword>
	      Add groups of cells (based on format features/conventions)
		* based	on sections: keyword "section"
		* based	on zones:    keyword "zone"

       --grp-fac <keyword>
	      Add groups of faces (based on format features/conventions)
		* based	on sections: keyword "section"
		* based	on zones:    keyword "zone"

       Available mesh formats (-m, --mesh; --format)

					Extension      Keyword

	  CGNS				.cgns	       cgns
	  pro-STAR/STAR4		.ngeom	       ngeom
	  EnSight (6 or	Gold)		.case	       ensight
	  GAMBIT Neutral		.neu	       gambit
	  GMSH				.msh	       gmsh
	  NUMECA Hex			.hex	       hex
	  I-deas universal		.unv	       unv
	  MED				.med	       med
	  Simail (NOPO)			.des	       des
	  Meta-mesh file		.mesh	       meta

       Postprocessing selection	sub-options (--cgns, --ensight,	--med)

	      discard polygonal	faces (wth more	than 4 edges) or polyhedra

	      force mesh output	on a single part (EnSight) or section (CGNS)

       --text force text output	(EnSight)

	      force binary output to big-endian	(EnSight)

	      transform	colors to groups (MED)

	      activate output of volume	mesh (by default if -boundary or -info
	      not given)

	      activate output of boundary mesh (by default if -volume or -info
	      not given)

       --info activate	output of information meshes (by default if -volume or
	      -boundary	not given)

       Periodicity sub-options (-perio,	-periodic)

       --trans <tx ty tz>
	      translation vector

       --rota --angle <alpha> --dir <dx	dy dz> [--invpt	<px py pz>]
	      rotation defined by an angle (in degrees)	and a  direction  vec-
	      tor, and eventually by an	invariant point	(origin	by default)

       --rota --matrix <mij> [--invpt <px py pz>]
	      rotation	defined	 by  the rotation matrix (given	line by	line),
	      and eventually by	an invariant point (origin by default)

       Non-conformal face joining sub-options (-j, --join, -p, --perio)

       --fraction <real	number>
	      fraction of the length of	the smallest edge under	which we  con-
	      sider that vertices may be fused (default	value: 0.1)

       --plane <real number>
	      minimal  cosine  of  the	normals	 of  2 coplanar	faces (default
	      value: 0.8)

	      fast joining algorithm (allowed if faces already share vertices)

       Face selection sub-options (for joining,	selection, and periodicity)

       --color <number(s)>
	      color numbers of faces to	select

       --group <name(s)>
	      group names of faces to select

	      invert selection

	      Length under which an edge is  considered	 degenerate  (default:

	      Name of memory operations	trace file.

	      Ignore I-deas coordinate systems.

	      Number  of  new faces of an initial face above which we consider
	      that conformal joining face reconstruction has gone into an  in-
	      finite loop (default: 100)

       cs_io_dump(1), cs_partition(1)

				  2009-02-04		      CS_PREPROCESS(1)


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