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Usage:	./docgen [-V] [-c tag] [-g game] -n program_name -s pack-
age_name [ -z shortname	] ( -M | -m | -w | -p )	<dir>...
   -c :	 Provide documentation for  the	 specified  configuration
	 (matches the given tag	name in	the source file)
   -s :	 Package name, e.g. Chocolate Doom (for	substitution)
   -z :	 Package short-name, e.g. Chocolate (for substitution)
   -n :	 Program name, e.g. chocolate (for substitution)
   -M :	 Markdown output
   -m :	 Manpage output
   -w :	 Wikitext output
   -p :	 Plaintext output
   -b :	 Bash-Completion output
   -V :	 Don't show Vanilla Doom options
   -g :	 Only document options for specified game.

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