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cpacl(3C)							     cpacl(3C)

       cpacl(),	 fcpacl()  -  copy the access control list (ACL) and mode bits
       from one	file to	another	(HFS and JFS File Systems only)

       To ensure continued conformance with emerging industry standards,  fea-
       tures  described	 in this manual	entry are likely to change in a	future

       Both (HFS and JFS file systems) and (HFS	file systems  only)  copy  the
       access control list and mode bits (that is, file	access permission bits
       and miscellaneous mode bits; see	chmod(2)) from one  file  to  another,
       and  transfer  ownership	much like chown(2).  can only copy HFS ACLs to
       other HFS files and JFS ACLs to other JFS files;	it  does  not  convert
       HFS ACLs	to JFS ACLs or vice versa.  and	take the following parameters:

	      o	 Path  names  (fromfile	 and  tofile) or open file descriptors
		 (fromfd and tofd).

	      o	 A mode	value (frommode, typically the value returned by - see
		 stat(2))  containing  file  miscellaneous mode	bits which are
		 always	copied,	and file  access  permission  bits  which  are
		 copied	 instead  of the access	control	list if	either file is

	      o	 User ID and group ID of the file (fromuid, touid and fromgid,
		 togid)	 for  transferring  ownership.	(Typically fromuid and
		 fromgid are the and values returned by	and  touid  and	 togid
		 are  the  return  values  from	and - see geteuid(2) and gete-
		 gid(2)	in getuid(2)).

       When both files are local, the routines copy the	 access	 control  list
       and  call  (HFS	only; see chownacl(3C))	to transfer ownership from the
       fromfile	to the tofile, if necessary.

       handles remote copying (via NFS)	and copying from HFS to	 JFS  or  vice
       versa  after  recognizing  failures  of	or (see	acl(2) and setacl(2)).
       When copying the	mode from fromfile (fromfd) to tofile  (tofd),	copies
       the  entire frommode (that is, the file miscellaneous mode bits and the
       file access permission bits) to tofile (tofd) using Some	of the miscel-
       laneous mode bits can be	turned off; see	chmod(2).

       can copy	an access control list from fromfile (fromfd) to tofile	(tofd)
       without transferring ownership, but ensuring error  checking  and  han-
       dling  of remote	files.	This is	done by	passing	fromuid	equal to touid
       and fromgid equal to togid (that	is, four zeros).   For	remote	files,
       fromuid,	touid, fromgid,	and togid are ignored.

       If  successful, and return zero.	 If an error occurs, they set to indi-
       cate the	cause of failure and return a negative value, as follows:

       -1     Unable to	perform	or on a	local fromfile (fromfd).

       -2     Unable to	perform	on tofile (tofd) to set	its file miscellaneous
	      mode  bits.  attempts this regardless of whether a file is local
	      or remote, as long as fromfile (fromfd) is local.

       -3     Unable to	perform	or on a	local  tofile  (tofd).	 As  a	conse-
	      quence,  the file's optional ACL entries are deleted (HFS	only),
	      its file access permission bits are zeroed,  and	its  miscella-
	      neous mode bits might be altered.

       -4     Unable to	perform	on tofile (tofd) to set	its mode.  As a	conse-
	      quence, if fromfile (fromfd) is  local,  tofile's	 (tofd's)  op-
	      tional ACL entries are deleted (HFS only), its access permission
	      bits are zeroed, and its file miscellaneous mode bits  might  be
	      altered, regardless of whether the file is local or remote.

       The  following  code  fragment  gets stat information on	and copies its
       file miscellaneous bits and access control list to owned	by the caller.
       If either file is remote, only the on is	copied.

       and  are	 only supported	on HFS file system on standard HP-UX operating

       and were	developed by HP.

       acl(2), chown(2), getacl(2),  getegid(2),  geteuid(2),  getuid(2),  se-
       tacl(2),	 stat(2),  acltostr(3C),  chownacl(3C),	 strtoacl(3C), acl(5),
       aclv(5),	thread_safety(5).



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