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just-man-pages/condor_vacateGeneral Commands Majust-man-pages/condor_vacate(1)

       condor_vacate Vacate jobs that are running on the specified hosts

       condor_vacate [ -help -version ]

       condor_vacate  [	 -graceful  -fast ] [ -debug ] [ -pool centralmanager-
       hostname[:portnumber] ] [ -name hostname	hostname -addr	_a.b.c.d:port_
       _a.b.c.d:port_ -constraint expression -all ]

       condor_vacate  causes  HTCondor to checkpoint any running jobs on a set
       of machines and force the jobs to vacate	the machine.  The  job(s)  re-
       mains in	the submitting machine's job queue.

       Given  the (default) -graceful option, a	job running under the standard
       universe	will first produce a checkpoint	 and  then  the	 job  will  be
       killed.	HTCondor  will	then restart the job somewhere else, using the
       checkpoint to continue from where it left off. A	job running under  the
       vanilla	universe is killed, and	HTCondor restarts the job from the be-
       ginning somewhere else.	condor_vacate has no effect on a machine  with
       no HTCondor job currently running.

       There  is generally no need for the user	or administrator to explicitly
       run condor_vacate . HTCondor takes care of jobs in this	way  automati-
       cally following the policies given in configuration files.


	  Display usage	information


	  Display version information


	  Inform the job to checkpoint,	then soft-kill it.


	  Hard-kill jobs instead of checkpointing them


	  Causes  debugging  information  to be	sent to	 stderr	, based	on the
	  value	of the configuration variable  TOOL_DEBUG

       -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]

	  Specify a pool by giving the central manager's host name and an  op-
	  tional port number

       -name hostname

	  Send the command to a	machine	identified by hostname


	  Send the command to a	machine	identified by hostname

       -addr _a.b.c.d:port_

	  Send the command to a	machine's master located at _a.b.c.d:port_


	  Send the command to a	machine	located	at _a.b.c.d:port_

       -constraint expression

	  Apply	 this  command only to machines	matching the given ClassAd ex-


	  Send the command to all machines in the pool

Exit Status
       condor_vacate will exit with a status value of 0	(zero)	upon  success,
       and it will exit	with the value 1 (one) upon failure.

       To send a condor_vacate command to two named machines:

       % condor_vacate	robin cardinal

       To  send	 the  condor_vacate  command to	a machine within a pool	of ma-
       chines other than the local pool, use the -pool option. The argument is
       the name	of the central manager for the pool. Note that one or more ma-
       chines within the pool must be specified	as the targets	for  the  com-
       mand.  This  command  sends  the	 command to a the single machine named
       cae17 within the	pool of	machines that has  as  its
       central manager:

       % condor_vacate -pool -name cae17

       Center for High Throughput Computing, University	of Wisconsin-Madison

       Copyright  (C) 1990-2015	Center for High	Throughput Computing, Computer
       Sciences	Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.  All
       Rights Reserved.	Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

				     date      just-man-pages/condor_vacate(1)

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