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       condor_update_machine_ad	update a machine ClassAd

       condor_update_machine_ad	[ -help	-version ]

       condor_update_machine_ad	 [ -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber] ]
       [ -name startdname ] path/to/update-ad

       condor_update_machine_ad	modifies the specified condor_startd  daemon's
       machine	ClassAd.  The  ClassAd in the file given by  path/to/update-ad
       represents the changed attributes. The changes persists until the  con-
       dor_startd  restarts. If	no file	is specified on	the command line, con-
       dor_update_machine_ad reads the update ClassAd from  stdin .

       Contents	of the file or	stdin must contain a  complete	ClassAd.  Each
       line must be terminated by a newline character, including the last line
       of the file. Lines are of the form

       <attribute> = <value>

       Changes to certain ClassAd attributes will cause	the  condor_startd  to
       regenerate  values  for other ClassAd attributes. An example of this is
       setting	HasVM .	This will cause	 OfflineUniverses ,   VMOfflineTime  ,
       and  VMOfflineReason to change.


	  Display usage	information and	exit


	  Display the HTCondor version and exit

       -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]

	  Specify  a pool by giving the	central	manager's host name and	an op-
	  tional port number

       -name startdname

	  Send the command to a	machine	identified by startdname

General	Remarks
       This tool is intended for the use of system administrators when dealing
       with offline universes.

       To re-enable matching with the VM universe jobs,	place on  stdin	a com-
       plete ClassAd (including	the ending newline character)  to  change  the
       value of	ClassAd	attribute  HasVM :

       echo "HasVM = True
       " | condor_update_machine_ad

       To prevent vm universe jobs from	matching with the machine:

       echo "HasVM = False
       " | condor_update_machine_ad

       To  prevent vm universe jobs from matching with the machine and specify
       a reason:

       echo "HasVM = False
       VMOfflineReason = \"Cosmic rays.\"
       " | condor_update_machine_ad

       Note that the quotes around the reason are required  by	ClassAds,  and
       they  must  be  escaped	because	 of the	shell. Using a file instead of
       stdin may be preferable in these	situations,  because  neither  quoting
       nor escape characters are needed.

Exit Status
       condor_update_machine_ad	will exit with a status	value of 0 (zero) upon
       success,	and it will exit with the value	1 (one)	upon failure.

       Center for High Throughput Computing, University	of Wisconsin-Madison

       Copyright (C) 1990-2015 Center for High Throughput Computing,  Computer
       Sciences	 Department, University	of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. All
       Rights Reserved.	Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


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