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just-man-pages/condor_masterGeneral Commands Majust-man-pages/condor_master(1)

       condor_master The master	HTCondor Daemon


       This  daemon  is	 responsible  for keeping all the rest of the HTCondor
       daemons running on each machine in your pool. It	spawns the other  dae-
       mons,  and  periodically	 checks	 to  see if there are new binaries in-
       stalled for any of them.	If there are, the condor_master	 will  restart
       the  affected  daemons.	In  addition,  if any daemon crashes, the con-
       dor_master will send e-mail to the HTCondor Administrator of your  pool
       and  restart the	daemon.	The condor_master also supports	various	admin-
       istrative commands that let you start, stop or reconfigure daemons  re-
       motely.	The  condor_master  will run on	every machine in your HTCondor
       pool, regardless	of what	functions each machine are  performing.	 Addi-
       tionally,  on  Linux platforms, if you start the	condor_master as root,
       it will tune (but never decrease) certain kernel	 parameters  important
       to HTCondor's performance.

       The   DAEMON_LIST  configuration	 macro is used by the condor_master to
       provide a per-machine list of daemons that should be started  and  kept
       running.	For daemons that are specified in the  DC_DAEMON_LIST configu-
       ration macro, the condor_master daemon will  spawn  them	 automatically
       appending  a -f argument. For those listed in  DAEMON_LIST , but	not in
       DC_DAEMON_LIST ,	there will be no -f argument.

       -n name

	  Provides an alternate	name for the condor_master  to	override  that
	  given	by the	MASTER_NAME configuration variable.

       Center for High Throughput Computing, University	of Wisconsin-Madison

       Copyright  (C) 1990-2015	Center for High	Throughput Computing, Computer
       Sciences	Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.  All
       Rights Reserved.	Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

				     date      just-man-pages/condor_master(1)

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