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       condor_gather_info  Gather  information	about an HTCondor installation
       and a queued job

       condor_gather_info  [  --  jobid	 ClusterId.ProcId  ]  [	  --   scratch
       /path/to/directory ]

       condor_gather_info  is  a  Linux-only tool that will collect and	output
       information about the machine it	is run upon, about  the	 HTCondor  in-
       stallation  local  to the machine, and optionally about a specified HT-
       Condor job. The information gathered by this tool is most often used as
       a debugging aid for the developers of HTCondor.

       Without	the   -- jobid option, information about the local machine and
       its HTCondor installation is gathered and placed	into the  file	called
       condor-profile.txt  , in	the current working directory. The information
       gathered	is under the category of Identity.

       With the	 -- jobid option, additional information is gathered about the
       job given in the	command	line argument and identified by	its  ClusterId
       and  ProcId ClassAd attributes. The  information	 includes  both	 cate-
       gories,	Identity  and  Job information.	As the quantity	of information
       can be extensive, this information is  placed  into  a  compressed  tar
       file.  The file is placed into the current working directory, and it is
       named using the format


       All values within  <> are substituted with current values. The building
       of this potentially large tar file can require a	fair amount of	tempo-
       rary space. If the  -- scratch option is	specified, it identifies a di-
       rectory in which	to build the tar file. If the  --  scratch  option  is
       not  specified,	then the directory will	be  /tmp/cgi-<PID> , where the
       process ID is that of the condor_gather_info executable.

       The information gathered	by this	tool:

	  1. Identity

	     * User name who generated the report

	     * Script location and machine name

	     * Date of report creation

	     *	uname -a

	     * Contents	of  /etc/issue

	     * Contents	of  /etc/redhat-release

	     * Contents	of  /etc/debian_version

	     * Contents	of  $(LOG)/MasterLog

	     * Contents	of  $(LOG)/ShadowLog

	     * Contents	of  $(LOG)/SchedLog

	     * Output of  ps -auxww -forest

	     * Output of  df -h

	     * Output of  iptables -L

	     * Output of  ls `condor_config_val	LOG`

	     * Output of  ldd `condor_config_val SBIN`/condor_schedd

	     * Contents	of  /etc/hosts

	     * Contents	of  /etc/nsswitch.conf

	     * Output of  ulimit -a

	     * Output of  uptime

	     * Output of  free

	     * Network interface configuration ( ifconfig )

	     * HTCondor	version

	     * Location	of HTCondor configuration files

	     * HTCondor	configuration variables

		* All variables	and values

		* Definition locations for each	configuration variable

	  2. Job Information

	     * Output of  condor_q jobid

	     * Output of  condor_q -l jobid

	     * Output of  condor_q -analyze jobid

	     * Job event log, if it exists

		* Only events pertaining to the	job ID

	     * If condor_gather_info has the proper permissions, it runs  con-
	     dor_fetchlog  on the machine where	the job	most recently ran, and
	     includes the contents of the logs from the	condor_master  ,  con-
	     dor_startd	, and condor_starter .

       --jobid _ClusterId.ProcId_

	  Data	mine information about this HTCondor job from the local	HTCon-
	  dor installation and condor_schedd .

       --scratch /path/to/directory

	  A path to temporary space needed when	building the output tar	 file.
	  Defaults  to	 /tmp/cgi-<PID>	 ,  where   <PID>  is  replaced	by the
	  process ID of	condor_gather_info .

	  *  condor-profile.txt	The Identity portion of	the information	 gath-
	  ered when condor_gather_info is run without arguments.

	  *					      cgi-<username>-jid<clus-
	  ond>-<TZ>.tar.gz  The	output file which contains all of the informa-
	  tion produced	by this	tool.

Exit Status
       condor_gather_info will exit with a status value	of 0 (zero) upon  suc-
       cess, and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.

       Center for High Throughput Computing, University	of Wisconsin-Madison

       Copyright  (C) 1990-2015	Center for High	Throughput Computing, Computer
       Sciences	Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.  All
       Rights Reserved.	Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

				     date just-man-pages/condor_gather_info(1)

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