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COLORIZE(1)		     colorize Users Manual		   COLORIZE(1)

       colorize	- A robust log colorizer

       colorize	[options]_logfile

       This manual page	documents briefly the colorize utility.

       colorize	 is a short (no, it's not short	anymore	:) perl	script to col-
       orize your logs.	You can	even use syslog-ng to redirect all logs	to the
       script and colorize them	on the fly!

       These  programs follow the usual	GNU command line syntax, with long op-
       tions starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is  included

       -f, --file output
	      Print output to output instead of	standard output.

       -F, --rcfile rcfile
	      Specify  an initialization file to read instead of /etc/coloriz-
	      erc and ~/.colorizerc

       -h, --html
	      Generate output in HTML format.

	      Don't use	cascanding style sheets	for HTML output. This  can  be
	      used when	the program you	want to	use to view the	output doesn't
	      support cascading	stylesheets (like some mailers).

       -b, --bgcolor color
	      Set the color color as the background color for HTML output. The
	      given  value  should  be	a  valid  HTML	color  reference, like
	      "#ff0000"	or "red".

       -C, --convert-date
	      Convert unix timestamp to	readable  date	format	(in  oops  and
	      squid log	example).

       -r, --remove-facility
	      syslog-ng	 paste	the  facility  level before log	messages, with
	      this switch you can cut these strings off.

       --help Show summary of options and exit.

       -V, --version
	      Show version of program.

       This manual page	was written by Gergely Nagy <>,  for  the
       Debian  GNU/Linux system	(but may be used by others).  Modified by Ist-
       van Karaszi <>.

colorize			 June 25, 2002			   COLORIZE(1)


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