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CMAP(9.6)							     CMAP(9.6)

       cmap - color map	format

       A  color	 map is	a 256x3-byte translation table for color values.  In a
       monochrome picture, pixel values	index the  color  map  to  yield  red,
       green and blue, like this:

	      uchar    cmap[256][3];	red    =   cmap[pixel][0];   green   =
	      cmap[pixel][1]; blue = cmap[pixel][2];

       In a full-color picture,	the color map is, in effect, three  intensity-
       compensation  tables:  cmap[red][0]  maps  red channels,	cmap[green][1]
       maps green channels and cmap[blue][2] maps blue channels.

       A color map file	is just	a 768-byte  file  containing  the  color  map,
       stored in the order implied by the declaration of cmap above.



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