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clarence(1)		 math, science,	python,	pygtk		   clarence(1)

       clarence	- programmer's scientific calculator for X

SYNOPSIS [-h]	[--help] [-v] [--version] [-m] [--disable-menu]

       Clarence	 is  a programmer's scientific calculator writen in Python. It
       has gui based on	PyGTK, uses all	Python's operators, math module	 func-
       tions  and constants. It	can handle all basic numerical formats includ-
       ing Dec,	Hex, Bin, Oct, and ASCII. Expressions can be entered in	an en-
       try field without mouse operations (no more buttons).

       Avaiable	operators, functions and constants:

       or - Boolean OR

       and - Boolean AND

       not x - Boolean NOT

       | - Bitwise OR

       ^ - Bitwise XOR

       & - Bitwise AND

       ~x - Bitwise NOT

       <<, >> -	Shifts

       + - Addition

       - - Subtraction

       * - Multiplication

       / - Division

       % - Remainder

       ** - Exponentiation

       +x, -x -	Positive, negative

       acircle (r) - Return the	area of	circle.

       acos (x)	- Return the arc cosine	of x.

       ans () -	Return last result.

       asc ("something") - Return value	for last four ASCII chars.

       asin (x)	- Return the arc sine of x.

       atan (x)	- Return the arc tangent of x.

       atan2 (y, x) - Return atan(y / x).

       bin ("10100010110") - Return value of binary string.

       bits (x)	- return the number of set bits.

       ceil (x)	- Return the ceiling of	x as a real.

       cos (x) - Return	the cosine of x.

       cosh (x)	- Return the hyperbolic	cosine of x.

       e - The mathematical constant e.

       exp (x) - Return	e^x.

       fabs (x)	- Return the absolute value of the real	x.

       floor (x) - Return the floor of x as a real.

       fmod (x,	y) - Return x %	y.

       hypot (x, y) - Return the Euclidean distance, sqrt(x*x +	y*y).

       ip ("") - Return value of IPv4 address string.

       ldexp (x, i) - Return x * (2**i).

       log (x) - Return	the natural logarithm of x.

       log10 (x) - Return the base-10 logarithm	of x.

       max (x0,	x1, ...) - Return the biggest element.

       min (x0,	x1, ...) - Return the smallest element.

       pcircle (r) - Return the	perimeter of circle.

       pi - The	mathematical constant pi.

       pow (x, y) - Return x^y.

       rnd () -	Return the random number in the	range [0.0 ... 1.0).

       round (x, n) - Return the floating point	value x	rounded	to n digits.

       sasphere	(r) - Return the surface area of sphere.

       sin (x) - Return	the sine of x.

       sinh (x)	- Return the hyperbolic	sine of	x.

       sqrt (x)	- Return the square root of x.

       swap16 (x) - Alias of swap16l() function.

       swap32 (x) - Swap 16-bit	words.

       swap16h (x) - Swap bytes	in high	16-bit word.

       swap16l (x) - Swap bytes	in 16-bit word.

       tan (x) - Return	the tangent of x.

       tanh (x)	- Return the hyperbolic	tangent	of x.

       urnd (a,	b) - Return the	random number in the range [a ... b].

       vcone (r,h) - Return the	volume of cone.

       vcylinder (r,h) - Return	the volume of cylinder.

       vl2d (x0,y0,x1,y1) - Return the length of vector	(2D).

       vl3d (x0,y0,z0,x1,y1,z1)	- Return the length of vector (3D).

       vsphere (r) - Return the	volume of sphere.

       Available Command Line Parameters:

       -h, --help
		 Display a list	of all commandline options.

       -v, --version
		 Output	the version info.

       -m, --disable-menu
		 Disable menu.


       Tomasz Maka

Tomasz Maka			     0.4.4			   clarence(1)


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