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ck4up(1)							      ck4up(1)

       ck4up - Check for Updates, a utility to monitor web pages for updates

       ck4up [options] [<regexp> ...]

       ck4up  is  a small command-line utility,	written	in ruby, primarily in-
       tended for CRUX ports maintainers to watch http and ftp sites  for  up-
       dates, but may also be useful for others.

       ck4up  scans through a configuration file, fetches the listed URLs from
       the web,	computes the md5sum of the page, and compares the  value  with
       one stored in a gdbm database. If both differ a message will be written
       to the standard output.

       To improve performance, ck4up is	multi-threaded.	A configurable	number
       of  threads fetches pages in parallel. The default setting is a maximum
       of 20 threads and can be	changed	at the top  of	the  script  (variable

       Regular expressions can be applied to each page in the event that ck4up
       produces	repetitive diff	messages. For example, if daily	snapshots  and
       a web counter are on the	same page.

       To  simplify maintenance	of the configuration file, a kind of macro-ex-
       pansion can be used.

       -d, --debug
	      Run ck4up	in debug mode. All fetched pages will  be  written  to
	      the  standard  output.  This  is especially useful when combined
	      with a regexp to limit the number	of pages to process.

       -k, --keep
	      Keep md5 values, don't update the	database.

       -v, --verbose
	      Verbose mode. Print a message also for unchanged pages.

       -h, --help
	      Print a short help message and exit.

       -p, --parseonly
	      Parse configuration file,	expand macros and print	lines  matched
	      by <regexp>.  Do not fetch any remote data.

       -c, --cleandb
	      Removes unused entries from the ck4up database.

       -f <file>, --config <file>
	      Use alternative configuration from <file>	instead	of the default
	       ~/.ck4up/ck4up.conf.   ck4up  creates  a	database with the same
	      full pathname but	the extension replaced by .dbm.

	      Process only configuration-lines matching	<regexp>. If more than
	      one  expression is given,	all of them are	or'ed to build a regu-
	      lar expression.

       The configuration file for ck4up	contains lines with macro  definitions
       and  lines  defining  URLs to check for updates.	 Blank lines and lines
       beginning with a	pound-sign, which are  considered  comments,  are  ig-
       nored. Spaces at	the beginning of definition-lines are not allowed.
       The   default   location	  for	the   ck4up   configuration   file  is

       <name> <type> <url> [<regexp>]

       Lines starting with a valid character in	the  range  [a-zA-Z]  are  URL
       lines,  defining	 the  web-pages	 you  would like to check for updates.
       <name> is a symbolic name for the URL, md5 is the only valid entry  for
       <type>  at the moment, <url> is the URL of the web-site,	<regexp> is an
       optionally extended regular expression.	Don't use spaces  in  regexps,
       but \s instead.


       apache  md5	httpd-2[0-9.]*
       uw-imap md5

       <@[A-Za-z0-9_]*@> <string> [<string>]

       Lines  starting	with  @	 define	 macros	for later use.	A system macro
       @NAME@, which is	the <name> of the URL line, can	be used	in other macro
       definitions.   This  is	handy if many URLs follow a common syntax. See
       the examples for	@GNU@ below.  Macro expansion is done recursively, al-
       lowing  macros to be nested.  See the @SF@ example which	works for many
       but not all sourceforge project pages.

       Example of a configuration file containing URL and macro	definitions:

       @TAR@	 @NAME@-.*?.tar.[bgx]z2?

       @GNU@	 @TAR@

       @SF_RE@	 /files/@NAME@/[.0-9]+|@TAR@
       @SF@  @SF_RE@

       apache	   md5    httpd-2[0-9.]*
       exim	   md5	@SUN@/exim/exim/exim4/		    @TAR@
       gawk	   md5	@GNU@
       hdparm	   md5	@SF@
       uw-imap	   md5  imap-200.?[a-z]

       If a environment	variable HTTP_PROXY or http_proxy is set with a	 valid
       URI, e.g. http://server.localnet:3128/, ck4up make use of the proxy for
       the HTTP	and HTTPS protocols.

       ~/.ck4up/ck4up.conf - configuration-file
       ~/.ck4up/ck4up.dbm - gdbm database to store the md5 hashes

       Juergen Daubert <>

ck4up 1.4			  Dec 23 2014			      ck4up(1)


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