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chmls(1)	       Compressed HTML help file utility	      chmls(1)

       chmls - The FPC Pascal CHM utility

       chmls [options] [command] [command specific parameters]

       The chmls utility performs several CHM related functions, such as list-
       ing CHM file contents, extracting one file or the whole archive and ex-
       tracting	 special  files. Archiving however is the domain of the	chmcmd

	list <filename>	[section number]
	      Shows contents of	the archive's directory.  The  section	number
	      can be 0 or 1, when no section number is specified, content from
	      both sections is displayed.

	extract	<chm filename> <filename to extract> [saveasname]
	      Extracts file "filename to get" from archive "filename", and, if
	      specified, saves it to [saveasname].

	extractall <chm	filename> [directory]
	      Extracts	all files from archive "filename" to directory "direc-

       unblockchm <filespec1> [filespec2] ..
	      (Windows only) Mass unblocks (XPsp2+) the	relevant CHMs.	Multi-
	      ple files	and wildcards allowed

       extractalias <chmfilename> [basefilename] [symbolprefix]
	      Extracts	context	info from file "chmfilename" to	basefilename.h
	      and basefilename.ali, using symbols "symbolprefix" + contextnr

       extracttoc <chmfilename>	[filename]
	      Extracts the toc (mainly to check	binary TOC)

       extractindex <chmfilename> [filename]
	      Extracts the index (mainly to check binary index)

	      For backwards compatibility reasons, the	list  command  is  de-

       -h, --help
	      Show help	text

       -p, --no-page
	      Do not page list command output

       -n, --name-only
	      Only show	"name" column in list command output

	      chmcmd(1)	fpc(1) fpdoc(1)

Free Pascal		       29 December 2010			      chmls(1)

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