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chilli-radius(5)	      File Formats Manual	      chilli-radius(5)

       chilli-radius -	Information about RADIUS in chilli

       chilli  uses  RADIUS  for access	provisioning and statistics. Standards
       and best	practices defined in RFCs are followed as best possible.  How-
       ever,  chilli does take some liberties and bends	the rules in places to
       better adapt to the more	dynamic	application of captive portals.

       See for details.

       The RADIUS Attributes used by chilli and	a short	description:

       User-name (1)
	      Full username as entered by the user.

       User-Password (2)
	      Used for UAM as alternative to CHAP-Password and CHAP-Challenge.

       CHAP-Password (3)
	      Used for UAM CHAP	Authentication

       CHAP-Challenge (60)
	      Used for UAM CHAP	Authentication

       EAP-Message (79)
	      Used for WPA Authentication

       NAS-IP-Address (4)
	      IP address of Chilli (set	by the ''nasip''  or  ''radiuslisten''
	      option, and otherwise "")

       Service-Type (6)
	      Set  to  Login  (1) for normal authentication requests.  The Ac-
	      cess-Accept message from the  radius  server  for	 configuration
	      management messages must also be set to Administrative-User.

       Framed-IP-Address (8)
	      IP address of the	user, which is configurable during MAC authen-
	      tication in the Access-Accept.

       Filter-ID (11)
	      Filter ID	pass on	to scripts possibly.

       Reply-Message (18)
	      Reason of	reject if present.

       State (24)
	      Sent to chilli in	Access-Accept or Access-Challenge. Used	trans-
	      parently in subsequent Access-Request.

       Class (25)
	      Copied transparently by chilli from Access-Accept	to Accounting-

       Session-Timeout (27)
	      Logout once session timeout is reached (seconds)

       Idle-Timeout (28)
	      Logout once idle timeout is reached (seconds)

       Called-Station-ID (30)
	      Set to the ''nasmac'' option or the MAC address of chilli.

       Calling-Station-ID (31)
	      MAC address of client

       NAS-Identifier (32)
	      Set to radiusnasid option	if present.

       Acct-Status-Type	(40)
	      1=Start, 2=Stop, 3=Interim-Update

       Acct-Input-Octets (42)
	      Number of	octets received	from client.

       Acct-Output-Octets (43)
	      Number of	octets transmitted to client.

       Acct-Session-ID (44)
	      Unique ID	to link	 Access-Request	 and  Accounting-Request  mes-

       Acct-Session-Time (46)
	      Session duration in seconds.

       Acct-Input-Packets (47)
	      Number of	packets	received from client.

       Acct-Output-Packets (48)
	      Number of	packets	transmitted to client.

       Acct-Terminate-Cause (49)
	      1=User-Request,  2=Lost-Carrier, 4=Idle-Timeout, 5=Session-Time-
	      out, 11=NAS-Reboot

       Acct-Input-Gigawords (52)
	      Number  of  times	 the  Acct-Input-Octets	 counter  has  wrapped

       Acct-Output-Gigawords (53)
	      Number  of  times	 the  Acct-Output-Octets  counter  has wrapped

       NAS-Port-Type (61)

       Message-Authenticator (80)
	      Is always	included in Access-Request. If present	in  Access-Ac-
	      cept,  Access-Challenge  or  Access-reject  chilli will validate
	      that the Message-Authenticator is	correct.

       Acct-Interim-Interval (85)
	      If present in Access-Accept chilli  will	generate  interim  ac-
	      counting records with the	specified interval (seconds).

       WISPr-Location-ID (14122, 1)
	      Location	ID  is	set to the radiuslocationid option if present.
	      Should   be    in	   the	  format:    isocc=<ISO_Country_Code>,
	      cc=<E.164_Country_Code>,	      ac=<E.164_Area_Code>,	  net-

       WISPr-Location-Name (14122, 2)
	      Location	Name  is  set  to  the	radiuslocationname  option  if
	      present. Should be in the	format:	<OPERATOR_NAME>,<LOCATION>

       WISPr-Logoff-URL	(14122,	3)
	      Included in Access-Request to notify the operator	of the log off
	      URL. Defaults to "http://uamlisten:uamport/logoff".

       WISPr-Redirection-URL (14122, 4)
	      If present the client will be redirected to this	URL  once  au-
	      thenticated.  This URL should include a link to WISPr-Logoff-URL
	      in order to enable the client to log off.

       WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up (14122, 7)
	      Maximum transmit rate (b/s). Limits the bandwidth	of the connec-
	      tion. Note that this attribute is	specified in bits per second.

       WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down	(14122,	8)
	      Maximum  receive rate (b/s). Limits the bandwidth	of the connec-
	      tion. Note that this attribute is	specified in bits per second.

       WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time (14122, 9)
	      The time when the	user should be disconnected in ISO 8601	format
	      (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD).	 If TZD	is not specified local time is
	      assumed. For example a disconnect	on 18 December 2001 at 7:00 PM
	      UTC would	be specified as	2001-12-18T19:00:00+00:00.

       ChilliSpot-Max-Input-Octets (14559, 1)
	      Maximum  number of octets	the user is allowed to transmit. After
	      this limit has been reached the user will	be disconnected.

       ChilliSpot-Max-Output-Octets (14559, 2)
	      Maximum number of	octets the user	is allowed to  receive.	 After
	      this limit has been reached the user will	be disconnected.

       ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets (14559, 3)
	      Maximum total octets the user is allowed to send or receive. Af-
	      ter this limit has been reached the user will be disconnected.

       ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Up (14559, 4)
	      Maximum bandwidth	up

       ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Down (14559, 5)
	      Maximum bandwidth	down

       ChilliSpot-Config (14559, 6)
	      Configurations passed between chilli and back-end	as name	 value

       ChilliSpot-Lang (14559, 7)
	      Language selected	in user	interface

       ChilliSpot-Version (14559, 8)
	      Version of Chilli	sending	this AccessRequest

       MS-MPPE-Send-Key	(311,16)
	      Used for WPA

       MS-MPPE-Recv-Key	(311,17)
	      Used for WPA

       chilli(8) chilli.conf(5)	chilli_radconfig(1)

       See for further documentation	and community support.
       The original ChilliSpot project homepage	is/was at

       Copyright (C) 2006-2007 David Bird <>,  CoovaChilli  and
       ChilliSpot  are	licensed under the Gnu Public License.	All rights re-

				  August 2007		      chilli-radius(5)


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