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cherokee-admin(8)	    System Manager's Manual	     cherokee-admin(8)

       cherokee-admin -	Runs Cherokee's	administrative interface

       cherokee-admin [-d<DIR>]	[-p<PORT>] [-C<FILE>] [-b] [-x]	[-u] [-t]

       cherokee-admin runs the server for the administrative interface used to
       configure Cherokee. The interface itself	will be	available via your Web

       cherokee-admin accepts the following options:

       -h, --help
	       Shows brief usage information

       -V, --version
	       Show version and	exit

       -x, --debug
	       Print the backend errors	to the terminal	where it is executing.
	       If omited, this debug information is lost.

       -u, --unsecure
	       Allows accessing	cherokee-admin's interface  without  requiring
	       the  user to authenticate. This disables	a security measure and
	       is only meant to	ease the development  process.	The  usage  of
	       this parameter is strongly discouraged for regular users.

       -b[<IP>], --bind[=<IP>]
	       By  default cherokee-admin binds	only to (localhost),
	       which means you can only	connect	to it from  the	 same  system.
	       With this parameter you can specify the network address to lis-
	       ten to. If no IP	is provided, it	will bind to all interfaces.

       -d<DIR>,	--appdir=<DIR>
	       Uses a custom admin-interface path where	the  source  files  of
	       cherokee-admin reside.

       -p<NUM>,	--port=<NUM>
	       Specifies an alternative	port. By default, 9090.

       -t, --internal-unix
	       By  default,  cherokee-admin  uses  TCP for internal communica-
	       tions. This parameter  specifies	 that  a  Unix	domain	socket
	       should be used instead. The default behavior is the safest one,
	       so this parameter should	rarely by used.

       -T<NUM>,	--thread=<NUM>
	       Specify the number of threads that the program should use. Use-
	       ful for memory/power constrained	machines.

       -C<PATH>, --target=PATH
	       Requests	 a  configuration  file	 different  than  the  default
	       /etc/cherokee/cherokee.conf to be used

       This program is a part of the Cherokee web server, cherokee(1)

       This manual page	was written by Gunnar Wolf <>, for the
       Debian  GNU/linux  system  (but	may be used by others).	Maintainted by
       Taher Shihadeh <>

       Cherokee	 itself	 was   written	 by   Alvaro   LA^3pez	 Ortega	  <al->.

			       February	16, 2011	     cherokee-admin(8)


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