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charon.ftp(1)							 charon.ftp(1)

       charon.ftp - remove backup files	that exceed a certain age from an FTP

       charon.ftp --host host [--ssl] --user name (--password password |
       --readpassword) [--dir directory] --maxage days (--profile identifier |
       --all) [--truncate] [--dry-run] [--verbose] [--help]

       The program charon.ftp removes backup archives created by tartarus from
       an FTP server once they reach a certain age and expire. Files that are
       older than the number of	days specified on the command line are
       considerer candidates for removal unless	other, non-expired backups are
       based on	them, so full backups may survive longer than expected.

       --host server
	   Specify the FTP server to connect to

	   Use SSL to secure the connection (requires Net::FTPSSL)

       --user name
	   Define the username to authenticate with

       --password pass
	   Set the password to authenticate with

	   Instead of specifying the password on the commandline, it can also
	   be read from	the standard input. This is preferable for obvious
	   security reasons.

	   Specify the directory on the	server the backups files are stored

       --maxage	n
	   Set the maximum number of days after	which a	backup is expired.

       --profile name
	   Set the profile name	to process. This is mandatory unless --all is

	   When	this is	set, the expiration date is applied to alle files
	   found on the	server and identified as tartarus backups.

	   This	option enables replacing files with /dev/null on FTP server
	   before deletion.  Some FTP servers won't allow deleting files when
	   the quota is	reached, this flag enables a workaround.

	   This	option prevents	charon from actually deleting files.

	   This	option makes charon more verbose about the actions made

	   This	parameter shows	a brief	command	reference.

       Using the script	is fairly simple and can probably be best explained by
       looking at an example:

	   $ charon.ftp	--host safehaven --user	john --password	SECRET --dir / --maxage	7 --profile home --verbose --dry-run

       This command line will try to log into the server "safehaven" using the
       user name "john"	and his	password "SECRET" and remove backup file from
       the profile "home" with are more	than 7 days old. Due to	the command
       line switch "--dry-run",	no files are actually deleted -	the script
       will only explain its potential actions in its output.

Integration with Tartarus
       Charon does not (and in fact, cannot) read tartarus backup profiles; by
       using hooks however it can be called from Tartarus after	completing a
       successfull backup run. This way, Tartarus can pass the configuration
       variables to Charon:

	   # Hook in Charon
	       # pass configuration variables to charon
	       # transmit the password through stdin to	hide it	from "ps ax"
	       local CHARON="/usr/sbin/charon.ftp"
	       local MAX_AGE_IN_DAYS="7"
	       echo -n "$STORAGE_FTP_PASSWORD" | $CHARON \
		   --host "$STORAGE_FTP_SERVER"	--user "$STORAGE_FTP_USER" \
		   --readpassword \
		   --dir "$STORAGE_FTP_DIR" \
		   --maxage "$MAX_AGE_IN_DAYS" \
		   --profile "$NAME"

       TARTARUS_POST_PROCESS_HOOK will only be executed	in case	of a
       successfull backup, so there won't be any files removed if tartarus
       encounters an error during the new backup creation.

       Stefan Tomanek <>

0.9.8				  2021-03-01			 charon.ftp(1)


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