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CFG_SET_CONTEXT_FLAG(3)		 libcfg+ 0.6.2	       CFG_SET_CONTEXT_FLAG(3)

       cfg_set_context_flag,   cfg_clear_context_flag,	 cfg_get_context_flag,
       cfg_set_context_flags, cfg_get_context_flags -  libcfg+	context	 flags
       manipulation functions

       The following functions can be used to set various context flags:

       #include	<cfg+.h>

       void cfg_set_context_flag (const	CFG_CONTEXT con, int flag);

       void cfg_clear_context_flag (const CFG_CONTEXT con, int flag);

       int cfg_get_context_flag	(const CFG_CONTEXT con,	int flag);

       void cfg_set_context_flags (const CFG_CONTEXT con, int flags);

       int cfg_get_context_flags (const	CFG_CONTEXT con, int flags);

       You  can	set a context flag with	cfg_set_context_flag().	 You can clear
       a flag with cfg_clear_context_flag(). To	see whether a flag is set, use
       cfg_get_context_flag().	It  has	 a  macro alias	cfg_is_context_flag(),
       which is	identical in every way.

       The functions cfg_set_context_flags() and  cfg_get_context_flags()  can
       set and retrieve	the value of all flags in one call.

       A  list	of all settable	context	flags is provided in the following ta-


	      Ignore multiple arguments	for a single option. The  first	 argu-
	      ment  will  be  used  to	store the option value.	The others are

	      By default, multiple arguments for an option that	 has  not  al-
	      lowed them, cause	the CFG_ERROR_MULTI error.

	      Ignore all unknown options.

	      The  default behaviour is	to produce the CFG_ERROR_UNKNOWN error
	      when an unknown option is	encountered.

	      Setting this flag	will cause the first argument on  the  command
	      line  to	be  skipped.  This flag	affects	only command line con-

	      The default behaviour is to parse	all command line arguments.

	      Advanced leftover	arguments. Setting this	flag will drop the re-
	      quirement	 of  the  leftover  arguments  to conform to the POSIX

	      The default behaviour is to require the  leftover	 arguments  to
	      conform  to POSIX. According to POSIX, all option	arguments must
	      precede any non-option (leftover)	arguments.  Once a  non-option
	      argument	is found, all remaining	arguments are also interpreted
	      as non-option.

	      Setting this flag	will cause the parsing of  configuration  file
	      to  become line- instead of byte-oriented. This will also	change
	      the meaning of the values	stored in begin_pos and	size.

	      By default, parsing is byte-oriented.

       You can use the cfg_clear_context_flag()	function to restore the	 value
       of a flag to its	default	value.

       You can get library overview, table of contents and such	additional in-
       formation info from main	libcfg+(3) manpage by typing "man libcfg+"  on
       UNIX-based  systems. Also use this command to get information about au-
       thors, homepage and license conditions.

libcfg+	0.6.2		       17 February 2004	       CFG_SET_CONTEXT_FLAG(3)


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