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CF(1)			    General Commands Manual			 CF(1)

       cf - unix time to formated time and date	filter

       cf [-f fmt] [-lpsu] [file ...]

       This filter reads the named files (or from stdin	if there are none) and
       replaces	numeric	timestamps found at the	beginning of each line with  a
       formated	time and date time and date. For example:

	      %	echo '1074558944 default format' | cf
	      Jan 19 16:35:44 default format

       The  CFTIMEARGS	environment  variable can be used to specify a default
       set of flags.  However, this is only honored if no flags	are  specified
       on the command line. Also, the only escapes recognized are ', " and \.

       -f fmt Specify a	strftime(1) format string. For example:

		     % echo '1074558944	custom format' | cf -f %F-%T
		     2004-01-19-16:35:44 custom	format

	      Using  an	empty format causes cf to revert to its	default	format
	      ("%b %e %T").

       -l     Use the long format which	appends	the year ("%Y"). For example:

		     % echo '1074558944	long format' | cf -l
		     Jan 19 16:35:44 2004 long format

       -p     Preserve sub-second timestamp info. For example:

		     % echo '1100980501.867105 preserve	format'	| cf -p
		     Nov 20 11:55:01.867105 preserve format

       -s     Do strict	checking of the	timestamp. The number is only  consid-
	      ered to be a valid timestamp and converted if it 9 or more char-
	      acters long and contains one or less dots.

       -u     Format using UTC (Coordinated Universal) instead of local	time.

       hf(1), strftime(3)

4th Berkeley Distribution      January 22, 2006				 CF(1)


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