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ceylon copy(1)							ceylon copy(1)

       ceylon  copy  - Copies modules from one Ceylon module repository	to an-

       ceylon copy [--all] [--cacherep=url] [--cwd=dir]	[--dart] [--docs]
		   [--exclude-module=moduleOrFile...] [--include-language]
		   [--js] [--jvm] [--maven-overrides=file] [--no-default-
		   repositories] [--offline] [--out=url] [--overrides=file]
		   [--pass=secret] [--rep=url...] [--scripts] [--src]
		   [--sysrep=url] [--timeout=seconds] [--user=name]
		   [--verbose[=flags]] [--with-dependencies] [--] {module}...

       Copies a	module or a set	of modules from	one repository to another.  If
       set  for	recursive copying it will also copy all	the module's dependen-
       cies and	their dependencies until  the  entire  module  tree  has  been
       copied. NB: This	tool will only copy between Ceylon repositories.

       --all  Include  everything  (equivalent	to --jvm, --js,	--docs,	--src,
	      --scripts) (default: false)

	      Specifies	the folder to use for caching downloaded modules. (de-
	      fault: ~/.ceylon/cache)

	      Specifies	the current working directory for this tool. (default:
	      the directory where the tool is run from)

       --dart Include artifacts	compiled for Dart (.dart and  -dartmodel.json)
	      (default:	true)

       --docs Include documentation (default: false)

       --exclude-module=moduleOrFile, -x moduleOrFile
	      Excludes	modules	 from  being copied. Can be a module name or a
	      file containing module names. Can	be specified multiple times. A
	      module  name  can	end in * to signify that any module that has a
	      name starting with such a	string will be excluded.

	      Determines if the	language module	should be copied as well,  im-
	      plies --with-dependencies	(default is false)

       --js   Include  artifacts  compiled  for	JavaScript (.js	and -model.js)
	      (default:	true)

       --jvm  Include artifacts	compiled for the JVM (.car and .jar) (default:

	      Specifies	 the XML file to use to	load Maven artifact overrides.
	      ence/repository/maven/  for information. Deprecated: use --over-

	      Indicates	that the default repositories should not be used.

       --offline, -L
	      Enables offline mode that	will  prevent  connections  to	remote

       --out=url, -o url
	      Specifies	 the  output module repository (which must be publish-
	      able). (default: ./modules)

       --overrides=file, -O file
	      Specifies	the XML	file to	use  to	 load  module  overrides.  See
	      ry/maven/	for information. null.

	      Sets the password	for use	with an	authenticated output reposito-
	      ry (no default).

	      Specifies	 a  module  repository containing dependencies.	Can be
	      specified	multiple  times.  (default:  modules,  ~/.ceylon/repo,

	      Include scripts (default:	false)

       --src  Include sources (default:	false)

	      Specifies	 the  system  repository containing essential modules.
	      (default:	$CEYLON_HOME/repo)

       --timeout=seconds, -T seconds
	      Sets the timeout for connections to remote repositories,	use  0
	      for no timeout (default: 20).

	      Sets  the	user name for use with an authenticated	output reposi-
	      tory (no default).

       --verbose[=flags], -d
	      Produce verbose output. If no flags are given  then  be  verbose
	      about  everything,  otherwise  just  be  verbose about the flags
	      which are	present. Allowed flags include:	all, loader, files.

       --with-dependencies, -r
	      Recursively copy all dependencies

       Repositories like those specified with the --rep	or --out  options  can
       be file paths, HTTP urls	to remote servers or can be names of reposito-
       ries when prepended with	a + symbol. These names	refer to  repositories
       defined in the configuration file or can	be any of the following	prede-
       fined names +SYSTEM, +CACHE, +LOCAL, +USER, +REMOTE or +MAVEN. For more
       information     see

				18 August 2017			ceylon copy(1)


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