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ceylon compile-js(1)					  ceylon compile-js(1)

       ceylon  compile-js  - Compiles Ceylon source code to JavaScript and di-
       rectly produces module and source archives in a module repository

       ceylon compile-js [--cacherep=url] [--compact] [--cwd=dir]
			 [--encoding=encoding] [--include-
			 dependencies[=flags]] [--lexical-scope-style]
			 [--maven-overrides=file] [--no-comments] [--no-
			 default-repositories] [--no-indent] [--no-module]
			 [--offline] [--out=url] [--overrides=file]
			 [--pass=secret] [--profile] [--rep=url...]
			 [--resource=dirs...] [--resource-root=folder-name]
			 [--skip-src-archive] [--source=dirs...]
			 [--src=dirs...] [--suppress-warning[=warnings...]]
			 [--sysrep=url]	[--timeout=seconds] [--user=name]
			 [--verbose[=flags]] [--] [moduleOrFile]...

	      Specifies	the folder to use for caching downloaded modules. (de-
	      fault: ~/.ceylon/cache)

	      Equivalent to --no-indent	--no-comments

	      Specifies	the current working directory for this tool. (default:
	      the directory where the tool is run from)

       --encoding=encoding, -E encoding
	      Sets  the	encoding used for reading source files (default: plat-

	      Determines if and	how compilation	of dependencies	should be han-
	      dled. Allowed flags include: never, once,	force, check.

	      Create lexical scope-style JS code

	      Specifies	 the XML file to use to	load Maven artifact overrides.
	      ence/repository/maven/  for information. Deprecated: use --over-

	      Do null generate any comments

	      Indicates	that the default repositories should not be used.

	      Do null indent code (deprecated)

	      Do null wrap generated code as CommonJS module

       --offline, -L
	      Enables offline mode that	will  prevent  connections  to	remote

       --out=url, -o url
	      Specifies	 the  output module repository (which must be publish-
	      able). (default: ./modules)

       --overrides=file, -O file
	      Specifies	the XML	file to	use  to	 load  module  overrides.  See
	      ry/maven/	for information. null.

	      Sets the password	for use	with an	authenticated output reposito-
	      ry (no default).

	      Time the compilation phases (results are printed to standard er-

	      Specifies	a module repository containing	dependencies.  Can  be
	      specified	 multiple  times.  (default:  modules, ~/.ceylon/repo,

       --resource=dirs,	-r dirs
	      Path to directory	containing resource files.  Can	 be  specified
	      multiple	times; you can also specify several paths separated by
	      your operating system's PATH separator. (default:	./resource)

       --resource-root=folder-name, -R folder-name
	      Sets the special resource	folder name whose files	will end up in
	      the root of the resulting	module CAR file	(default: ROOT).

	      Do null generate .src archive - useful when doing	joint compila-

	      An alias for --src (default: ./source)

       --src=dirs, -s dirs
	      Path to source files. Can	be specified multiple times;  you  can
	      also  specify several paths separated by your operating system's
	      PATH separator. (default:	./source)

       --suppress-warning[=warnings], -W
	      Suppress the reporting of	the given warnings. If no warnings are
	      given  then  suppresss  the reporting of all warnings, otherwise
	      just suppresss those which are present. Allowed  flags  include:
	      filenameNonAscii,	 filenameClaselessCollision, deprecation, com-
	      pilerAnnotation, doclink,	expressionTypeNothing,	unusedDeclara-
	      tion,   unusedImport,   ceylonNamespace,	 javaNamespace,	  sup-
	      pressedAlready, suppressesNothing.

	      Specifies	the system repository  containing  essential  modules.
	      (default:	$CEYLON_HOME/repo)

       --timeout=seconds, -T seconds
	      Sets  the	 timeout for connections to remote repositories, use 0
	      for no timeout (default: 20).

	      Sets the user name for use with an authenticated output  reposi-
	      tory (no default).

       --verbose[=flags], -d
	      Produce  verbose	output.	 If no flags are given then be verbose
	      about everything,	otherwise just	be  verbose  about  the	 flags
	      which  are  present.  Allowed  flags  include: all, loader, ast,
	      code, stitcher.

       The --include-dependencies option can take the following	flags:

       o null -	Never perform any compilation

       o null -	Only compile when the compiled module is not available

       o null -	Compile	when the sources are newer than	the compiled module

       o null -	Always compile

       If the flag is given without an argument	it's the  same	as  specifying
       check. If no flag is given at all it's the same as specifying never.

       The compile tool	accepts	the following options from the Ceylon configu-
       ration file: defaults.offline, defaults.encoding, compiler.source, com-
       piler.resource  and repositories	(the equivalent	options	on the command
       line always have	precedence).

       Repositories like those specified with the --rep	or --out  options  can
       be file paths, HTTP urls	to remote servers or can be names of reposito-
       ries when prepended with	a + symbol. These names	refer to  repositories
       defined in the configuration file or can	be any of the following	prede-
       fined names +SYSTEM, +CACHE, +LOCAL, +USER, +REMOTE or +MAVEN. For more
       information     see

				18 August 2017		  ceylon compile-js(1)


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