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ceylon bootstrap(1)					   ceylon bootstrap(1)

       ceylon  bootstrap  - Generates a	Ceylon bootstrap script	in the current

       ceylon bootstrap	[--cwd=dir] [--force] [--installation=path] [--sha-
			sum=sum] [--verbose[=flags]] [--] [distribution]

       This tool generates a ceylonb bootstrap shell script (and a ceylonb.bat
       batch file for Windows) that functions exactly like the	normal	ceylon
       command,	except that it is not necessary	to install Ceylon yourself. On
       first execution the scripts will	check if the required Ceylon distribu-
       tion is already available locally and if	not they will download and in-
       stall it.

       A bootstrap script can be used to make it very easy for authors of Cey-
       lon  projects  to distribute their code to users	without	them having to
       install Ceylon. It is also useful for making sure that  users  use  the
       exact  same  version of Ceylon the code was tested with without forcing
       them to install that exact same version themselves.

       The distribution	argument determines which distribution	the  bootstrap
       script will install. It can either be a version string, which will then
       be combined with	the URL	to the official	Ceylon download	 site,	or  it
       can be a	URL pointing directly to the desired Ceylon distribution down-
       load. If	this option is not specified the current version will be  used
       (default: 1.3.3)

	      Specifies	the current working directory for this tool. (default:
	      the directory where the tool is run from)

	      Create the bootstrap files even if they already exist

	      Determines where the bootstrap script will install the distribu-
	      tion.  This  can	either	be  a path that	starts with ~ or ${us-
	      er.home} to indicate a location in the user's home directory  or
	      it  can  start with ${ceylon.user.dir} to	indicate a location in
	      the   user's   Ceylon    directory.    (default:	  ${

	      The  SHA-256  sum	 to  be	included for the bootstrap script (de-
	      fault: no	sum)

       --verbose[=flags], -d
	      Produce verbose output. If no flags are given  then  be  verbose
	      about  everything,  otherwise  just  be  verbose about the flags
	      which are	present. Allowed flags include:	all, loader.

				18 August 2017		   ceylon bootstrap(1)


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