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CDPLAY(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		     CDPLAY(1)

     cdplay -- Audio CD	player

     cdplay [device]

     cdplay is a program to control an audio CD	player.	The device is a	name
     such as cd0 or mcd0.

     If	the device not specified, the environment variable CDPLAY will be used
     to	find the cd device.

     Currently supported commands are as follows:

     play first_track last_track
		 Play from track first_track to	track last_track. The first
		 track has number 1 play(1)

     stop	 Stop playing. Do not stop the disc.

     resume	 Resume	playing. Used after the	pause

     stop	 Stop the disc.

     eject	 Eject the disc.

     setvol left_channel right_channel
		 Set the volume	of left	channel	to left_channel	and the	volume
		 of right channel to right_channel. Allowed values are in the
		 range 0-255.

     getvol	 Print the current values of the volume	for left and right

     msfplay start_m start_s start_f end_m end_s end_f
		 Play from the absolute	address	(MSF) defined by start_m in
		 minutes, start_s, in seconds and start_f (frame number) to
		 the abolute address defined by	end_m in minutes, end_s, in
		 seconds and end_f (frame number). Minutes are in the range
		 0-99. Seconds are in the range	0-59.  Frame numbers are in
		 the range 0-74

     status	 Print the status of the CD player. The	first number has the
		 following meaning:

		 17 Audio play operation in progress
		 18 Audio play operation paused
		 19 Audio play operation successfully completed
		 20 Audio play operation stopped due to	error
		 21 No current audio status to return

		 The other numbers are the current MSF address (minute,	sec-
		 ond, frame)

     tochdr	 Print the first and last track	numbers	and length.

     tocentry	 Print the table of contents (TOC) of the disc on the form
		 track-number minute second frame where	and frame represent
		 the absolute address of the track.
		 The track numbered 255	gives the absolute address of the end
		 of the	disc.

     quit	 Quit the program


     Jean-Marc Zucconi

     The cdplay	command	appeared in FreeBSD 2.0

FreeBSD				January	8, 1995			       FreeBSD


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