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CBMCTRL(1)			 User Commands			    CBMCTRL(1)

       cbmctrl	-  manual  page	for cbmctrl version, built on	Apr  7
       2014 at 21:08:22

       cbmctrl version, built	on Apr	7 2014 at 21:08:22

       control serial CBM devices

	      cbmctrl	[global_options]  [action]  [action_opt]   [--]	  [ac-

	      Global options:

       -h, --help:
	      Output this help screen if specified without an action.  Outputs
	      some help	information about a specific action if	an  action  is

       -V, --version: Output version information

       -@,  --adapter:	Tell OpenCBM which backend plugin and bus to use. This

	      requires an argument of the form <plugin>[:<bus>].  <plugin>  is
	      the  backend  plugin's  name to use (e.g.: xa1541) <bus>	  is a
	      bus unit identifier, if supported	by the backend;

	      look up the backend's documentation for the supported  bus  unit
	      identifier(s) and	the format for <bus>

       -p,  --petscii:	Convert	 input	or  output  parameter  from CBM	format

	      into PC format (ASCII). Default with all actions but 'open'  and

       -r, --raw:
	      Do  not  convert	data  between CBM and PC format.  Default with
	      'open' and 'command'.

       --     Delimiter	between	action_opt and action_args; if any of the  ar-
	      guments  in  action_args starts with a '-', make sure to set the
	      '--' so the argument is not treated as an	option,	accidentially.

	      action: one of:

       lock   Lock the parallel	port for the use by cbm4win/cbm4linux.

       unlock Unlock the parallel port for the use by cbm4win/cbm4linux.

       listen perform a	listen on the IEC bus

       talk   perform a	talk on	the IEC	bus

	      perform an unlisten on the IEC bus

       untalk perform an untalk	on the IEC bus

       open   perform an open on the IEC bus

       popen  deprecated; use 'cbmctrl --petscii open' instead!

       close  perform a	close on the IEC bus

       read   read raw data from the IEC bus

       write  write raw	data to	the IEC	bus

       put    put specified data to the	IEC bus

       status give the status of the specified drive

	      issue a command to the specified drive

	      deprecated; use 'cbmctrl --petscii command' instead!

       dir    output the directory of the disk in the specified	drive

	      download memory contents from the	floppy drive

       upload upload memory contents to	the floppy drive

       reset  reset all	drives on the IEC bus

       detect detect all drives	on the IEC bus

       change wait for a disk to be changed in the specified drive

       For more	information on a specific action, try --help <action>.

       The full	documentation for cbmctrl is maintained	as a  Texinfo  manual.
       If  the	info and cbmctrl programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

	      info cbmctrl

       should give you access to the complete manual.

cbmctrl	version, built oApril	2014014	at 21:08:22	    CBMCTRL(1)


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