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cblog.cgi(13 January 2010)			    cblog.cgi(13 January 2010)

       cblog.cgi - fastcgi interface for cblog

       cblog.cgi  is  the  fastcgi interface to	cblog. It uses the clearsilver
       template	system to render html pages

       The following variables are available in	the template :

       o  Posts.N.title: title of a post

       o	date of	a post in the wanted format

       o name of each defined tags in a post

       o  Posts.N.source : the post in markdown	format

       o  Posts.N.html:	the post rendered in XHTML

       o tag name

       o  Tags.N.count:	number of posts	concerned by the tag

       o  CBlog.version: version number	of cblog

       o  CBlog.www: default cblog website

       You can add as much variable as you want	in the template	by adding them
       to your configuration file.

       The configuration file is read from /usr/local/etc/cblog.conf

       The following option are	nedded :

       o  hdf.loadpaths.tpl: this is the place where the templates file	should
	  be found

       o  cgiout.charset: set here the output charset  you  want  to  use  (ie

       o  db.dir: patch	where the cblog	database should	be found must be read-
	  able for the user that own the fastcgi process

       o  theme: name of the template to use (default: default.cs)

       o  post_per_pages: number of post to show per pages (for	the website or
	  the feeds) (default: 10)

       o  feed.rss:  name  of the template to use to render rss	feed (default:

       o  feed.atom: name of the template to use to render atom	feed (default:

       o  dateformat: the date format for the post (in webview)

       Everything  you	will  add that is not listed here will be available in
       your templates

       SEE_ALSO	cdb(1) cblogctl(1)

       On NetBSD clearsilver has a bug rendering some utf8 characters a	 work-
       around is to add	Config.WhiteSpaceStrip=0 to your configuration file

       Baptiste	Daroussin <>

						    cblog.cgi(13 January 2010)


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