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CBCODEC(1)		    Quick Database Manager		    CBCODEC(1)

       cbcodec - popular encoders and decoders

       cbcodec url [-d]	[-br] [-rs base	target]	[-l] [-e expr] [file]
       cbcodec base [-d] [-l] [-c num] [-e expr] [file]
       cbcodec quote [-d] [-l] [-c num]	[-e expr] [file]
       cbcodec	mime  [-d] [-hd] [-bd] [-part num] [-l]	[-ec code] [-qp] [-dc]
       [-e expr] [file]
       cbcodec csv [-d]	[-t] [-l] [-e expr] [-html] [file]
       cbcodec xml [-d]	[-p] [-l] [-e expr] [-tsv] [file]
       cbcodec zlib [-d] [-gz] [-crc] [file]
       cbcodec lzo [-d]	[file]
       cbcodec bzip [-d] [file]
       cbcodec iconv [-ic code]	[-oc  code]  [-ol  ltype]  [-cn]  [-wc]	 [-um]
       cbcodec date [-wf] [-rf]	[-utc] [str]

       This manual page	documents briefly the cbcodec commands.

       cbcodec	is   a	tool to	use encoding and decoding features provided by
       Cabin. This command is used in the above	format.	file specifies a input
       file. If	it is omitted, the standard input is read.

       A  summary  of  options is included below.  For a complete description,
       see the file:///usr/share/doc/qdbm-doc/spex.html#cabincli.

       -d     perform decoding (unescaping), not encoding (escaping).

       -br    break up URL into	elements.

       -rs    resolve relative URL.

       -l     output the tailing newline.

       -e expr
	      specify input data directly.

       -c num limit the	number of columns of the encoded data.

       -hd    parse MIME and extract headers in	TSV format.

       -bd    parse MIME and extract the body.

       -part num
	      parse MIME and extract a part.

       -ec code
	      specify the input	encoding, which	is UTF-8 by default.

       -qp    use quoted-printable encoding, which is Base64 by	default.

       -dc    output the encoding name instead of the result string  when  de-

       -t     parse CSV. Convert the data into TSV. Tab	and new-line in	a cell
	      are deleted.

       -html  parse CSV. Convert the data into HTML.

       -p     parse XML. Show tags and text sections with dividing headers.

       -tsv   parse XML. Show the result in TSV	format.	Characters of tabs and
	      new-lines	are URL-encoded.

       -gz    use GZIP format.

       -crc   output the CRC32 checksum	as hexadecimal and big endian.

       -ic code
	      specify  the  input encoding, which is detected automatically by

       -oc code
	      specify the output encoding, which is UTF-8 by default.

       -ol ltype
	      convert line feed	characters, with `unix'(LF), `dos'(CRLF),  and

       -cn    detect the input encoding	and show its name.

       -wc    count the	number of characters of	the input string of UTF-8.

       -um    output  mappings	of  UCS-2 characters and C strings of UTF-16BE
	      and UTF-8.

       -wf    output in	W3CDTF format.

       -rf    output in	RFC 1123 format.

       -utc   output the coordinate universal time.

       qdbm(3),	cabin(3).

       QDBM was	written	by Mikio Hirabayashi <>.

       This manual page	was written by Fumitoshi UKAI <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

Man Page			  2005-05-23			    CBCODEC(1)


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