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CATGETS(3C)							   CATGETS(3C)

       catgets,	catgetmsg - get	message	from a message catalog

       #include	<nl_types.h>

       char *catgets(catd, set_num, msg_num, s)
       nl_catd catd;
       int set_num, msg_num;
       char *s;

       char *catgetmsg(catd, set_num, msg_num, buf, buflen)
       nl_catd catd;
       int set_num;
       int msg_num;
       int buflen;

       catgets()  reads	 the message msg_num, in set set_num, from the message
       catalog identified by catd.  catd is a catalog descriptor returned from
       an  earlier  call to catopen(3C).  s points to a	default	message	string
       which will be returned by catgets() if the identified  message  catalog
       is not currently	available.  The	message-text is	contained in an	inter-
       nal buffer area and should be copied by the application if it is	to  be
       saved or	re-used	after further calls to catgets().

       catgetmsg()  attempts to	read up	to buflen -1 bytes of a	message	string
       into the	area pointed to	by buf.	 buflen	is an integer value containing
       the  size in bytes of buf.  The return string is	always terminated with
       a null byte.

       On success, catgets() returns a pointer to an internal buffer area con-
       taining	the  null-terminated  message  string.	 catgets()  returns  a
       pointer to s if it fails	because	the message catalog specified by  catd
       is  not currently available.  Otherwise,	catgets() returns a pointer to
       an empty	string if the message catalog is available but does  not  con-
       tain the	specified message.

       On success, catgetmsg() returns a pointer to the	message	string in buf.
       If catd is invalid or if	set_num	or msg_num is not in the message cata-
       log, catgetmsg()	returns	a pointer to an	empty string.

       catopen(3C), locale(5)

				22 January 1990			   CATGETS(3C)


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