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CAP_MKDB(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   CAP_MKDB(1)

     cap_mkdb -- create	capability database

     cap_mkdb [-v] [-f outfile]	file [file ...]

     The cap_mkdb utility builds a hashed database out of the getcap(3)	logi-
     cal database constructed by the concatenation of the specified files.

     The database is named by the basename of the first	file argument and the
     string ``.db''.  The getcap(3) routines can access	the database in	this
     form much more quickly than they can the original text file(s).

     The ``tc''	capabilities of	the records are	expanded before	the record is
     stored into the database.

     The following options are available:

     -f	outfile
	     Specify a different database basename.

     -v	     Print out the number of capability	records	in the database.

     Each record is stored in the database using two different types of	keys.

     The first type is a key which consists of the first capability of the
     record (not including the trailing	colon (``:'')) with a data field con-
     sisting of	a special byte followed	by the rest of the record.  The	spe-
     cial byte is either a 0 or	1, where a 0 means that	the record is okay,
     and a 1 means that	there was a ``tc'' capability in the record that
     couldn't be expanded.

     The second	type is	a key which consists of	one of the names from the
     first capability of the record with a data	field consisting a special
     byte followed by the first	capability of the record.  The special byte is
     a 2.

     In	normal operation names are looked up in	the database, resulting	in a
     key/data pair of the second type.	The data field of this key/data	pair
     is	used to	look up	a key/data pair	of the first type which	has the	real
     data associated with the name.

     The cap_mkdb utility exits	0 on success, and >0 if	an error occurs.

     dbopen(3),	getcap(3), termcap(5)

FreeBSD	11.1			 June 6, 1993			  FreeBSD 11.1


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