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CAIRO-DOCK(1)		    General Commands Manual		 CAIRO-DOCK(1)

       cairo-dock - A dock to launch your programs easily.

       cairo-dock [options]

       Cairo-Dock is a pretty, light and convenient interface to your desktop,
       able to replace advantageously your system panel!

       It features multi-docks,	taskbar, launchers and a  lot  of  useful  ap-
       Applets can be detached from the	dock to	act as desktop widgets.
       Numerous	 ready-to-use  themes  are downloadable	in 1 click, and	can be
       easily customized at your convenience.
       It can use hardware acceleration	(OpenGL) to be very fast  and  low  on

       It's  recommended to install the	PLUG-INS package ( cairo-dock-plug-ins
       ) to have access	to more	views, dialogues and  many  plug-ins  and  ap-

       Some screenshots	are available :

       Development site:

       You can launch Cairo-Dock with several options :
       (Note  :	 you  can  use	these  options	in  one	 block.	 For example :
       cairo-dock -oia )

       -c, --cairo
	      Force Cairo backend. Use this option if you have issue with  the
	      OpenGL mode.

       -o, --opengl
	      Force  OpenGL backend. Cairo-Dock	with OpenGL/Hardware accelera-

       -O, --indirect-opengl
	      Use OpenGL backend with indirect rendering. There	are  very  few
	      case where this option should be used.

       -A, --ask-backend
	      Ask again	on startup which backend to use.

       -l, --log [option]
	      Log  verbosity (options :	debug, message,	warning, critical, er-
	      ror - default is 'warning').
	      For example : cairo-dock -l debug

       -F, --colors
	      Force to display some output messages with colors	even if	 these
	      messages are not displayed into a	tty.

       -w, --wait
	      Wait for N seconds before	starting. This is useful if you	notice
	      some problems when the dock starts with the session.

       -a, --keep-above
	      Force to keep the	dock above other windows.

       -s, --no-sticky
	      Don't make the dock appear on all	desktops.

       -e, --env
	      Force the	dock to	consider this environment (gnome, xfce,	 etc.)
	      -	it may crash the dock if not set properly.

       -d, --dir
	      Force the	dock to	load the configuration in this directory  (de-
	      fault is ~/.config/cairo-dock).

       -m, --maintenance
	      Allow to edit the	config before the dock is started and show the
	      config panel on startup.

       -x, --exclude
	      Exclude  a  given	 plug-in  from	activating (it is still	loaded

       -f, --safe-mode
	      Don't load any plug-ins and show the theme manager on startup.

       -W, --metacity-workaround
	      Work around some bugs in Metacity	Window-Manager (invisible  di-
	      alogs or sub-docks)

       -M, --modules-dir
	      Ask the dock to load additional modules contained	in this	direc-
	      tory (though it is unsafe	for your dock to load unofficial  mod-

       -T, --testing
	      For  debugging  purpose  only.  The  crash  manager  will	not be
	      started to hunt down the bugs.

       -E, --easter-eggs
	      For debugging purpose only. Some hidden and still	 unstable  op-
	      tions will be activated.

       -S, --server
	      Address  of  a  server  containing  additional themes. This will
	      overwrite	the default server address.

       -k, --locked
	      Lock the dock so that any	modification is	impossible for users.

       Some other options with an output in the	terminal :

       -v, --version
		 Print version and quit.

       -h, --help
		 Show the help and quit.

       -C, --capuccino
		 Cairo-Dock makes anything, including coffee !

		 Your config files are saved in	this repertory.	 You  can  use
		 '-d' option to	change it.

		 Data files for	Cairo-Dock.

		 Binary	files for Cairo-Dock and its plug-ins.

       Most  of	 the  Cairo-Dock project was written by	Fabrice	Rey (fabounet)

       The Cairo-Dock Team is currently	formed by Fabounet (Fabrice  Rey)  and
       Matttbe (Matthieu Baerts).
       With the	help of	Eduardo	Mucelli	for our	third-party applets.

       Thanks  to  our	former developers: Mav (Yann Sladek), Tofe (Christophe
       Chapuis), Nochka85 (Yann	Dulieu), ChanGFu  (RA(C)my  Robertson),	 Para-
       doxxx Zero (Florian Mounier), Necropotame (Adrien Pilleboue), Rom1 (Ro-
       main Perol), Ctaf , Augur and SQP as well as numerous beta testers  and
       contributors:  lylambda,	 taiebot65,  Franksuse64,  ppmt, etc.  see the
       'About' menu in the dock	and this web page.

       Don't hesitate to contribute to this project ;)
       Please have a look at this wiki page:

       This    manual	 page	 was	started	    by	   Julien     Lavergne
       <>, for	the Debian project (but	may be used by
       Updated by Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) <>.

       Your bug	is maybe a recurrent  problem  (black  background,  window  at
       startup (use -c or -o), problem with OpenGL, etc.). Please go to:

       For any other bugs, you can post	them on	Cairo-Dock forum:
       or on Launchpad

       < >

				 Apr. 10, 2011			 CAIRO-DOCK(1)


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