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C99(1)			FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual			C99(1)

     c99 -- standard C language	compiler

     c99 [-cEgs] [-D name[=value]] ... [-I directory] ... [-L directory] ...
	 [-o outfile] [-O optlevel] [-U	name] ... operand ...

     This is the name of the C language	compiler as required by	the IEEE Std
     1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'') standard.

     The c99 compiler accepts the following options:

     -c	     Suppress the link-edit phase of the compilation, and do not
	     remove any	object files that are produced.

     -D	name[=value]
	     Define name as if by a C-language #define directive.  If no
	     ``=value''	is given, a value of 1 will be used.  Note that	in
	     order to request a	translation as specified by IEEE Std
	     1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1''),	you need to define
	     _POSIX_C_SOURCE=200112L either in the source or using this
	     option.  The -D option has	lower precedence than the -U option.
	     That is, if name is used in both a	-U and a -D option, name will
	     be	undefined regardless of	the order of the options.  The -D
	     option may	be specified more than once.

     -E	     Copy C-language source files to the standard output, expanding
	     all preprocessor directives; no compilation will be performed.

     -g	     Produce symbolic information in the object	or executable files.

     -I	directory
	     Change the	algorithm for searching	for headers whose names	are
	     not absolute pathnames to look in the directory named by the
	     directory pathname	before looking in the usual places.  Thus,
	     headers whose names are enclosed in double-quotes ("") will be
	     searched for first	in the directory of the	file with the #include
	     line, then	in directories named in	-I options, and	last in	the
	     usual places.  For	headers	whose names are	enclosed in angle
	     brackets (<>), the	header will be searched	for only in directo-
	     ries named	in -I options and then in the usual places.  Directo-
	     ries named	in -I options shall be searched	in the order speci-
	     fied.  The	-I option may be specified more	than once.

     -L	directory
	     Change the	algorithm of searching for the libraries named in the
	     -l	objects	to look	in the directory named by the directory	path-
	     name before looking in the	usual places.  Directories named in -L
	     options will be searched in the order specified.  The -L option
	     may be specified more than	once.

     -o	outfile
	     Use the pathname outfile, instead of the default a.out, for the
	     executable	file produced.

     -O	optlevel
	     If	optlevel is zero, disable all optimizations.  Otherwise,
	     enable optimizations at the specified level.

     -s	     Produce object and/or executable files from which symbolic	and
	     other information not required for	proper execution has been
	     removed (stripped).

     -U	name
	     Remove any	initial	definition of name.  The -U option may be
	     specified more than once.

     An	operand	is either in the form of a pathname or the form	-l library.
     At	least one operand of the pathname form needs to	be specified.  Sup-
     ported operands are of the	form:

	   file.c      A C-language source file	to be compiled and optionally
		       linked.	The operand must be of this form if the	-c
		       option is used.

	   file.a      A library of object files, as produced by ar(1),	passed
		       directly	to the link editor.

	   file.o      An object file produced by c99 -c, and passed directly
		       to the link editor.

	   -l library  Search the library named	liblibrary.a.  A library will
		       be searched when	its name is encountered, so the	place-
		       ment of a -l operand is significant.

     ar(1), c89(1), cc(1), c99(7)

     The c99 utility interface conforms	to IEEE	Std 1003.1-2001	(``POSIX.1'').
     Since it is a wrapper around GCC, it is limited to	the C99	features that
     GCC actually implements.  See

FreeBSD	11.1			 June 17, 2010			  FreeBSD 11.1


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